the Half eaten Sandwich

the Half eaten Sandwich

I had bought a large one

didn’t think how will I finish it

I took a few bites quickly

had to rush for a meeting

I wrapped it up in a foil

looked for a waste bin around

couldn’t find any

and so I kept the foil in my bag

driving on the road

as I stopped on a traffic signal

few kids came running to my car

offering their service

to dust off the windows

for a few pennies

I told them not to

and then it came to my mind

the half eaten sandwich wrapped in the foil

I took it out from my bag

offered it to those children…..

looking at food, their eyes shined

there were 3 of them

the eldest one made 3 bites

and they all merrily finished it all

in less than a minute

they were jumping with joy 

waving their hands to say goodbye to me

as I started to drive my way

to my meeting


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The Child is Eternal indeed..

The Child is Eternal indeed..

Children are the best teachers. They have the ability to think things in their own way and not being influenced and flawed by the systems in place. How their tiny minds are way beyond being imaginative and creative. They are the artists, they can fly without wings, they can colour the rainbow grey, they can make the moon yellow, they can sing while being sad, they can shed tears for no reason, they can be happy for the tiniest of the things, and yes, they never have any grudges. They forget that they fought just 2 minutes back with someone and then be friends again. Their heart is pure and innocent. There is so much to learn from them.

Today, I am sharing something that happened almost 3 years back. This incident made me realise that children can do anything. That, they are actually capable of creating wonders… after all, child is the King..

I had bought the 3D building puzzle for my two daughters who were 7 and 3 at that time. These puzzles consist of a few pieces that would construct a miniature of a monument. Guess what they both chose! The elder one chose the Sydney Opera house and the younger one chose the Empire State Building. Now, they both sat to build the puzzles and after about an hour of trying their hand, they were both ready and told me to come and click a picture of how well they had done it. Both the puzzles were kept together on the table and I clicked the picture and we all celebrated our tiny moment of joy.


My younger daughter suddenly asked me where actually were Empire State Building and Sydney Opera house located. I told her that one was in New York, USA and the other one is in Sydney, Australia and that both of them are very far from each other.

What she said next left me speechless. She said, “see mother, me and my sister have brought them together even when they are far apart.”

This made me think how children do not care of any boundaries, how creative and free they could be and how constructively they can imagine. How their tiny beautiful minds can bring love, peace and togetherness to the humanity and help to light the darkness in this world.

the Child is Eternal indeed..

Please feel free to share your experiences with children that made you learn a lovely lesson from them.


The Power of our MIND

The Power of our MIND

“the real power of our soul is not in our muscles, it is in our mind”

For those who have seen the movie “The Fight Club” would immediately understand what I am talking about here. I have quoted this here as an example only.

Like in the movie, when the weaker side of a man was fed up and wanted to just make things happen for him, it created the stronger side and gave him a face and a body, which was way more good looking, way more strong physically and was much better in all aspects than the original weaker personality. (Although in the movie the person was a psycho, but still the lesson holds good to how to allow our minds to make better use of it).

What I learnt from this is, that when we start to believe what’s true becomes our reality. I would like to support the same with a few examples here –

Example 1 – People who have firm belief in God, pray, feel the God’s presence around them, feel his warmth in their hearts. It is all because of their belief. Their brain start to develop accordingly and supports their belief to make it more clear and visible to them. I myself have experienced the same. I have believed to have spoken to God and getting my answers. I felt holy and blessed with his presence around me all the time. I truly believed that he was there, and there he was with me. My mind helped me to achieve me to embrace his holyness.

Example 2– The same way (but a negative one), who are terrorists? They are the people who have been fed hatred since beginning. They have been taught that everyone else who loves peace, is their enemy. Their minds have been fed with the screams and pain of others and they have been made to enjoy the same. They love shooting people, killing them and laugh at the screams. Their minds are developing in the same direction because of their belief in cruelty. They don’t mind even shooting themselves or being a human bomb, just because of their strong belief in destructing peace and love.

What we teach our minds and how strongly we teach it, is something that can make us or break us. Our mind holds ultimate power which is immense and it is up to us to use the same for any construction or destruction.

I welcome you to share your thoughts on the matter.



she Rebuilt the house with a Coffin

she Rebuilt the house with a Coffin

In response to the the daily prompt.. my Heart goes out to the victims of Orlando shootings..


Gretta was six, she was excited about something

she had made a house for her uncle to stay

uncle Jake was to come tomorrow

and he shall live in that little house of clay

she had made it with her tiny soft hands

how proud was she to make it so colorful

there was room for a garden

there was room for a big kitchen

the house was huge, she looked at it all day

she asked her mom a thousand times

when was uncle Jake coming to see her surprise

her eyes sparkled with enormous joy

the time was about to come, the following day

in the meanwhile

someone with a gun, accompanied uncle Jake

yes, it was the city of Orlando’s sad fate

shootings happened, many dreams died

nothing but thick red blood in sight

the cops had called to inform the family

Mom spoke on the phone really softly

tears rolled down from her eyes to her cheeks

Gretta stood behind, she consumed the reality

she didn’t speak a word, she didn’t cry

she simply went to the house she had made

there was now some more work to be done

she had to REBUILD that house of clay

now with a Coffin inside

where uncle Jake would Rest in Peace

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Struggling for some PEACE

Struggling for some PEACE

I am no child, I can do without a lullaby

no greed in my eyes, hold your gold away from me

I have learnt to face life, do not present me with luxury

big cars, plush house, servants around, I have no fancy

my tears are enough for me, I can do without the rain

don’t direct me to those pills, I have the will to bear the pain

after a day of tiresome work, I can sleep sound on the floor

no soft mattress is asked, my comfort is in my dreams

I am not aware of cuisines, neither do I wish for the same

sweet words from my beloved, make my dinner delicious 

smiles around are enough for me

to give me the insight to the heaven

I am a soul powerful, contentment is my weapon

yet, for one thing I struggle every moment

I struggle for PEACE, I struggle for HARMONY

how painful to see people shooting each other

killing humanity

will this STRUGGLE ever end

today I wonder, as I sit under the stars

looking up to the sky

searching for the answers

I may not find

soon enough

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time discovers its way

demonstrates its worth

demanding respect from the human race

it had made the emperors to rule

let happen the killings for thrones

held the power to create history

holding the right to shape the future

for centuries, it’s been healing broken hearts

sometimes allowed the trust be breached

let the lust win on occasions

moving ahead polishing the genes

it built the pyramid of knowledge to be treasured

converted soil to glittering gold

immense power

held in its folds

TIME – as it shows, what it holds

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mySestina Wonderland

mySestina Wonderland

my little salt, little pepper like heart

beating for broccoli and spring onions

peri peri sauce for a tinge of excitement

i need some wine

i need a vacation

o dear chicken of imagination

bring me a plane to my destination

serve me a beach of salads of all kinds

some bread and donuts by the side

i want my knives and forks all clean

cover me with a napkin of peace

lying down all day the sunny side way

to not let Mr. Time to pass too fast

I am holding a clock in my hand

for I want to stay a little longer here

in mySestina wonderland

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Smiles so Natural

Smiles so Natural

in an old age home, stayed Maria

a woman abandoned of life

her children had dumped her there

her tears took a long while to dry

she sat alone at times in her small room

with a picture she held tight against her chest

it was a picture of her grand son Sammy

she would look at it, with her eyes not blinking

the picture was pure and an exceptional one

it was special and beautiful in its own way

for in the picture, she held tiny Sammy in her arms

both kissing each other, giving a smile

a smile so natural in all possible ways

for both of them looked eternally adorable

both looked like a child, both looked a little old

for none of them possessed those pearls 

pearls that we call teeth

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An Open Jail

An Open Jail

napping inside the womb of the skull

many sisters taking a little time to flourish

my heart hums their beautiful names

imagination, fascination, creativity

curiosity, passion, enchantment

sometimes they could get a little out of control

they are like prisoners controlled by a Jailer

that Jailer happens to be my Brain

forcing me to learn of the consequences

teaching me patience, asking me to be sober

but this crazy heart of mine, it wants to fly

my thoughts seem caged, wanting to soar high

getting out of control, sometimes a little shy

how I truly wonder sometimes

isn’t my mind An Open Jail

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at the same spot – Aimlessly

at the same spot – Aimlessly

loaded with lush green leaves 

once, it stood with pride

its broadness offering cool shade

as the sun shone too bright

its many branches, holding pretty homes 

where birds would take their blissful naps

giving birth to their tiny ones

those leaves breathing in, the sun

birthing fresh air for many to survive

how meaningful was once its existence…

Today, its face a little too sad, rather shameful

now naked, robbed of its pretty leaves

its shade has gone, those nests are now dead

no birds sing music, sitting on its branches

just the sight of it, bringing shivers to my mind…

I am the culprit, I killed that tree

my greed has grown without a stop

my list of luxuries have destroyed its life

contaminated the earth, poisoned the soil

the noble tree, battled bravely to live

to keep giving, to save its pride

my filth in the end had won the war


the lifeless Tree, now standing

at the same spot Aimlessly

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You are my Summer my Love

You are my Summer my Love

you fill me with fragrance

with flowers glowing to your breeze

spreading the colors of imagination

yeah, you are my Spring my love

I sweat waiting for you for hours

without worrying about the heat

uncle sun shows his magic

making you my Summer, my love

I shed my tears for you

like leaves shed by the trees

I crave to be held by you

you are my Autumn my love

I am so cold many a times

being left alone by you

trying to consume some warmth by the fireplace

you have shown me the Winters my love

you greet me, complete me

you make me crazy with the way you treat me

I live with you, I die with you

you are the way my life takes me to

you truly are the seasons of my life

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A Companion to Remain

A Companion to Remain

once upon a time

there was a girl, a little child

innocent heart

beautiful imaginations

a brown teddy bear

her dearest companion

deeply in love

she never would let it go

imagined to be teddy’s wife

the day she would grow..


inevitable Mr. Time

cruely robbed that innocence

as it passed ticking the clock

days, and then years


little girl now all grown up

no more toys

to remain around her

does she even remember

how & when she lost

her dear teddy bear


the new avatar of life

entirely unlike the previous

assuring the presence

of pretty tears in her life 

to keep those big, deep dark eyes

forever moist


she now wonders

of such a drastic change she’d faced

no more giggles

beaming laughs all gone

today, her only & true companion 

the one

never leaving her side

even in a crowd

is no one else

but Her Loneliness

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A Society so Empty

A Society so Empty

Living in a world

With no compassion

People, with guns in their hands

Their minds full of disgust

Hatred, overflowing

Their eyes, ready to cheat

Everyone who could be cheated

Their words cruel, hurtful

As they open their mouth to speak

Their brains so full of greed

Wanting enormous power

Their mindset inhuman

Not allowing others to make any choices

Breeding a generation like their own

Their children following their path

Not realizing, their attitude

Becoming poisonous


A society so Empty

That’s never to flourish

But to die

A painful death


To fill the emptiness

With nothing


dead bodies all around

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