Living in a world

With no compassion

People, with guns in their hands

Their minds full of disgust

Hatred, overflowing

Their eyes, ready to cheat

Everyone who could be cheated

Their words cruel, hurtful

As they open their mouth to speak

Their brains so full of greed

Wanting enormous power

Their mindset inhuman

Not allowing others to make any choices

Breeding a generation like their own

Their children following their path

Not realizing, their attitude

Becoming poisonous


A society so Empty

That’s never to flourish

But to die

A painful death


To fill the emptiness

With nothing


dead bodies all around

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13 thoughts on “A Society so Empty

  1. You are very in tune with where society is headed. Thank goodness some are making other choices and will not die, but live.

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      1. It will be on a totally different platform, a totally different economy. There will be no crime, and no money. The currency will be goodwill to one’s neighbour. The law will be unity in the Spirit. There will be no court system. It will all be regulated from the heart. An advanced society will operate out of pure Spirit.

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