in an old age home, stayed Maria

a woman abandoned of life

her children had dumped her there

her tears took a long while to dry

she sat alone at times in her small room

with a picture she held tight against her chest

it was a picture of her grand son Sammy

she would look at it, with her eyes not blinking

the picture was pure and an exceptional one

it was special and beautiful in its own way

for in the picture, she held tiny Sammy in her arms

both kissing each other, giving a smile

a smile so natural in all possible ways

for both of them looked eternally adorable

both looked like a child, both looked a little old

for none of them possessed those pearls 

pearls that we call teeth

image source

9 thoughts on “Smiles so Natural

  1. I love this picture. It and this post reminded me of my Grandmother who used to play in a very childlike innocence with my oldest daughter when she was a small child. My Grandmother suffered from dementia, and it was hard to watch, but for my daughter who could not tell she was just a wonderful playmate who might have been the same age! So there are small mercies in all things. Thanks for the memory jogger!

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