“the real power of our soul is not in our muscles, it is in our mind”

For those who have seen the movie “The Fight Club” would immediately understand what I am talking about here. I have quoted this here as an example only.

Like in the movie, when the weaker side of a man was fed up and wanted to just make things happen for him, it created the stronger side and gave him a face and a body, which was way more good looking, way more strong physically and was much better in all aspects than the original weaker personality. (Although in the movie the person was a psycho, but still the lesson holds good to how to allow our minds to make better use of it).

What I learnt from this is, that when we start to believe what’s true becomes our reality. I would like to support the same with a few examples here –

Example 1 – People who have firm belief in God, pray, feel the God’s presence around them, feel his warmth in their hearts. It is all because of their belief. Their brain start to develop accordingly and supports their belief to make it more clear and visible to them. I myself have experienced the same. I have believed to have spoken to God and getting my answers. I felt holy and blessed with his presence around me all the time. I truly believed that he was there, and there he was with me. My mind helped me to achieve me to embrace his holyness.

Example 2– The same way (but a negative one), who are terrorists? They are the people who have been fed hatred since beginning. They have been taught that everyone else who loves peace, is their enemy. Their minds have been fed with the screams and pain of others and they have been made to enjoy the same. They love shooting people, killing them and laugh at the screams. Their minds are developing in the same direction because of their belief in cruelty. They don’t mind even shooting themselves or being a human bomb, just because of their strong belief in destructing peace and love.

What we teach our minds and how strongly we teach it, is something that can make us or break us. Our mind holds ultimate power which is immense and it is up to us to use the same for any construction or destruction.

I welcome you to share your thoughts on the matter.



18 thoughts on “The Power of our MIND

  1. My dear …. I agree to 100 % !
    We share the same opinion,
    I couln’t have put it better! I can only add a well known phrase …
    Mind over matter?
    Who said it?
    I don’t mind … and for the outhers … it doesn’t matter.
    Have a great day … here its raining cats and dogs! I think the sky is falling down in bits and peaces!
    Love to all.
    Yours sincerly.

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  2. There is much to be said when it comes to the mind. I believe some are more pliable than others. As a Christian and growing in a faith based home I do think that molded me into who I am today. But what makes people raised in good homes to suddenly become swayed by an ideology that is so outside how they were raised? Here in the states we see men turned to terrorism, with no history of being extreme in ideologies. I feel that these are people of weak and pliable minds. Searching to fill a void perhaps, and brain washed into believing this is their purpose. But, I do not believe just anyone is capable of murder and that something within them is also broken and humanity is lost to an ideology. We are living in times that will become darker still, this world is sin filled and fallen. This is why those with faith must be lights in the darkness, showing God’s love. Thanks for getting my mind turning! Great read 🙂

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    1. Thank you for adding your valuable thoughts here my dear.. You said it right that even without of being a certain background, people follow certain practices and become extremists. That’s where I wanted to shed light. This is the power of our mind. Even when we allow someone to brainwash us, we are are using our mind and letting them.overpower us. This happens because we also start believing in the same as they do. Mind, is the most powerful.. we can use it as a blessing or a weapon. It is equally powerful in both the cases..

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      1. Yes my dear.. it is important to start a conversation. The world anyway is becoming a dark place to be… we don’t even know when we lose our capacity to think even.. I appreciate your time and your valuable comments…

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