sitting under that old banyan tree 

leaves blocking the moonlight on his face

gruesome loneliness stinging his heart

his conscience crying and screaming in pain

his mother, his father, where were they?

masked men had shot them in their hearts a day before

his destiny has brought him to a camp so horrid

where children are trained to be human bombs

tears not stopping to fall from his eyes

desperate is he to find the answers

his understanding is pure love and affection

a child, he is, unaware of hatred

why were they forcing him to be violent

when he must hold a pencil in his hand

why does he have to hold

nothing but a gun in his hands

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20 thoughts on “An Understanding so Cruel

  1. Wow! I couldn’t resist my hand from commenting. Powerful Ziggy!!!
    Every sentence makes the point on cruelty stronger. The day is not far away for genocide. The count has already started. Who can we consider sharing the meaning of life? Sowing deep the negativity into children is becoming bandwagon that hypnotizes community as a whole . This is all enough for devastating the tomorrow.
    Here blooms another thought for me. The disguised dogs alone aren’t contributing to the human bombs. It is we the Common man. The bomb in the form of volcanic mind! How many teach their children to live the moment, the life beyond money, to be generous, neutral??
    We teach them to win by destroying other’s life! This winning attitude tempts to win the world!
    Nothing can be changed! This is the curse for the earth!!! 😐

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    1. What you have commented here is huge.. its way beyond what i wanted to bring the reader’s notice to.. You are absolutely right about all of us directly or indirectly making our future dangerous.. This is indeed the curse for the Earth… and for humanity

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