two sisters – unborn

dreaming together in the womb

holding each other’s hand

fondly in love, even before birth

sharing the sack

the fluid they gulped into their lungs

sharing every thought, each moment

be it happiness, pain or love

flawlessly playing their part

blooming a relationship wonderful


the sisters finally took birth

still unaware of the sadness of the world


the cruel teachings of the inhumane

made them part their path

for one of them grew up as Ms. Grace

the other was named Ms. Envy

need more to be told of this story?

how two loving souls


to turn forver

into enemies

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27 thoughts on “Envy & Grace

  1. I like this poem.
    The beginning made me quite sad. My aunt and uncle were expecting twins but they were in the same sack. It’s actually very dangerous. They strangled themselves with their umbilical chords when they were kicking and moving around. Quite sad. )-:
    But, good poem.

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    1. Oh, I am sorry my dear! I chose the theme to throw light on how the kids are being raised now a days.. How, we are not giving them values of life and making them follow an undesirable path.. Thank you for sharing your thoughts my dear


      1. don’t be sorry! i understand your meaning. It’s just that’s what flashed in my head. You were very descriptive and I imagined that’s how they were in the womb- friends with each other.

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    1. Hey Michelle!! Thanks a lot darling.. You know these are all my observations on paper.. We all need to change so many things to lead to a better world.. A lot of change is required and we must start for it now. I wish to see a world where we only would need to write about the good things for there would be nothing negative to think about.. Amen

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