he was born on the road

with no roof on his head

his father had dumped his mother

way before he came to this world

he was five

when he started to beg on the roads

a small child, all by himself

for his mother died too

no clothes on his body

whether it was burning or freezing cold

it never mattered to no one

when he had no food for days

no one ever cared

when he cried alone in the night

no one offered him love

when he was lonely amongst millions

yes he cursed his fate every moment

he died a death every minute

why would anyone have compassion for him

why would anyone be kind

after all he is a child of No one

he is just another Orphan


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26 thoughts on “The Child of No One

    1. Thanks my dear.. It breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes to see such small children struggling to have a bite of food, shelter on their head for just a night, begging on the traffic signals and so much more.. how tragic could life be, they can narrate the story too well I guess..

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    1. It is the sad reality of many children. Sleeping on the streets, with no clothes on their skin, nothing to eat and no one to bother about them. Wish we all could help such children and make sure that they don’t suffer anymore. Thank you for reading!

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  1. my life’s one of imp aim is to change life of atleast one such child…will share when achieve this…..thanks a lot for this post on a issue so close to my heart n soul.

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