Deprived of a Little Wind

Deprived of a Little Wind


of a little wind

the tree

forced to stand still

craving to sway

to dance to the tunes

but the wind

chose not to flow

it seemed sad

so dull


not being itself

still , like no life running through its veins

celebrating melancholy

for a reason

not known

even to the wind itself

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when a Mother Embarrassed the Death

when a Mother Embarrassed the Death

she lay on the bed, her body lifeless

the line on ECG machine, had stopped taking jumps

the doctors speechless, unable to announce the news

to her children, holding on to her hands tightly

her spirit readying to leave her body

trying with a force too immense 

seeing the rolling down tears, on soft cheeks of her children

how her spirit melted in that moment

unable to bear to see such pain in those eyes

it was now too weak to go to heaven

and there, a miracle happened

a mother came back to life embarrassing the death

to hold back those fingers, that held her in hope

for her kids trusted her way beyond trust

she had told them she wouldn’t leave them alone

she couldn’t afford to break their tiny hearts

she smiled, as she got ready to go back home

along with her three little children

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Not a Child anymore

Not a Child anymore

my eyes dried of tears

my expressions don’t cry along with me

when i can’t take it no more, i scream with pain

yet, no one seems to notice

then i tell myself

not to worry

it’s got to be like this only

i am not a child anymore

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Zing me with your Enthusiasm – Will U ?

Zing me with your Enthusiasm – Will U ?

Zing me with your Enthusiasm – Will You ?


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The Tunnel of Hope

The Tunnel of Hope

thick dark on the inside of the tunnel

encouraging the darkness to grow even darker

providing shelter to the ghosts 

raising rodents and bats

the wetness on the sides and head above

dripping dark water cold like ice

giving shivers to me to walk inside

I had no choice, but to cross its length

my life was waiting on the other end

my feet were cold, my body was numb

took enormous courage to take my steps

seemed to me it was a journey eternal

I wished I hadn’t started it at all

I cursed myself, cursed my fate

pushing myself took a lot of effort

and then to my wonderment 

my ordeal started to fade & hope prevailed

hazy light my eyes were seeing on the far end

my heart raced with joy and excitement

suddenly, I felt so closer to my destination

the tunnel was uncompromising, yet it gave me hope

it was pessimistic, yet it gave me courage

how it propelled me to win over its sins

determined me to travel through it to win

I stood outside in the shining sun

my life was ahead, waiting for my embrace

my heart compelled to look back once

to see through the darkest dark of the tunnel

I waved my hand, bowed my head in gratitude

thanked the tunnel to show me HOPE

it taught me a lesson, never to stop

keep on going to cross a thousand tunnels

for many more were bound to come my way

as I would travel through the journey of my life

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I give goosebumps to Mr. Impossible

I give goosebumps to Mr. Impossible

today, let me reveal a secret

a revelation to put Mr. Impossible to shame

every time he challenged me, stood as a barrier

I gave it back to him right in his face

my will, my wisdom and sincerity 

have done well, to have formed a union

worked tirelessly to make me believe

I always had the power & potential


Mr. Impossible was daring, too tough to face

I accept, he gave me shivers, made my legs tremble

even made me cry many tears

yet, I came out to be stronger than him

I broke him into two pieces

I strike off IM from the IMpossible

he now gets goosebumps thinking of me


my journey is long, many triumphs yet to be seen

I know he wouldn’t fail to come my way

he is way beyond angry with me

determined to take a revenge 

as soon as he gets a chance


Poor Mr. Impossible

he hasn’t realized yet

I have NEVER learnt to give up on life

I have learnt to NOT let him fear me anymore

whenever he may choose to be possible to me

I shall be the one to become Impossible to him

no kidding! Really!

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I Want my Enthusiasm back – mySestina

I Want my Enthusiasm back – mySestina

Hello beautiful people…

Today, I am going to write something different. You may have noticed me not being really active on WP for the past few days. I am just not myself for some reason. The enthusiasm is not there and I am unable to understand the reason behind the same.

Since the day I started to blog, I have remained really active and have always felt inspired by blogging and have tried to give my best. I have always genuinely read the posts of my fellow bloggers who I am following. I really have given a lot of time to blogging (only for except a few instances when I was busy with something else).

But this time it’s different. My enthusiasm seems to be not the same. I am not writing new poems or articles. I am not being able to read your beautiful posts and even if I have time, I just do not login to the WordPress. I have not written anything on the daily prompt for the past 2 days as well.

Could you please let me know if you too have experienced something similar ever. If yes, then please share it with me because I need your help to understand the reason behind me being like this.

I am really hoping that this is a temporary thing and that it will go. I want to be inspired again and it seems that it will take some effort. I have really loved blogging and have always enjoyed the support and love of all my fellow bloggers. I want to stay positive. I want to come back with the same force….

I want my enthusiasm back!


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I look up to him as my Mountain

I look up to him as my Mountain

In response to the daily prompt

broad are his shoulders, that spark in his eyes

his manner humble, yet commanding

his silence speaks through me eloquently

embrace so passionate, I melt in his arms

privileged I am to be his woman

how he shields me against all odds

he never let the storm to dust my eyes

he never let the sun to tan my skin

he gulps the sorrow that eyes my heart

a tender soul with a will so strong

I look up to him as my mountain

he flows me with life, like a waterfall

he consumes my temper, like lava so red

he flourishes me with the trees of peace

I know in my heart I love him much

how positive I am, he loves me much more

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