Hello beautiful people…

Today, I am going to write something different. You may have noticed me not being really active on WP for the past few days. I am just not myself for some reason. The enthusiasm is not there and I am unable to understand the reason behind the same.

Since the day I started to blog, I have remained really active and have always felt inspired by blogging and have tried to give my best. I have always genuinely read the posts of my fellow bloggers who I am following. I really have given a lot of time to blogging (only for except a few instances when I was busy with something else).

But this time it’s different. My enthusiasm seems to be not the same. I am not writing new poems or articles. I am not being able to read your beautiful posts and even if I have time, I just do not login to the WordPress. I have not written anything on the daily prompt for the past 2 days as well.

Could you please let me know if you too have experienced something similar ever. If yes, then please share it with me because I need your help to understand the reason behind me being like this.

I am really hoping that this is a temporary thing and that it will go. I want to be inspired again and it seems that it will take some effort. I have really loved blogging and have always enjoyed the support and love of all my fellow bloggers. I want to stay positive. I want to come back with the same force….

I want my enthusiasm back!


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43 thoughts on “I Want my Enthusiasm back – mySestina

  1. You could take a few days off and return better. All of us require small breaks to function better. This could be a writer’s block. I’m blogging for over two months now and I have gone through the same once, only to return with better ideas and enthusiasm to write when I feel like writing.

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  2. I find blogging very tiring at times so I just step back and take time out. I had two weeks off in summer where I just replied to my comments. I scheduled my posts ahead of time. I came back refreshed and had my writing mojo back. Take care.

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  3. I’ve been through this to but have found it connected to life events. If I can’t work things out / come to terms with things in everyday life I have difficulty processing my thoughts through my blog. Not sure if that makes any sense at all! I also take planned breaks like the last few days I had out of the country, I might log in quickly and make a short post, read the odd post but not much. We all need a break to recharge. You’ll be back and flying on all cylinders very soon xx

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience my dear. I think I can understand when you say that if things don’t work properly in day to day life then we may have difficulty getting through to our blogs as well… But yes, a short break may help… And thank you for your wishes my dearest..

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  4. Hi dear,dont know why but I have seen a huge resemblence in both of our state of minds as currently I am not much active here even unable to read the good stuff out there present by beautiful bloggers but I guess we don’t need to worry as it happens..it happened with us when we actually din’t feel like studying back in school days but eventually managed good grades so lets hang in there together.We shall overcome!Smiles.

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  5. Hi Zigyasa 🙂 I am a little ‘flat’ just lately and am also having trouble writing… for me it is a result of another persons actions towards me and it is all I can think about. I am trying daily meditation and am taking a lot of pictures on my phone, which I then play with in various apps. It hasn’t led me to write yet, but I am finding that I think about the hurtful actions of another less and less. I hope you can find a way through this Zigyasa and I’m sure you will… don’t panic at this stage 🙂 sending you thoughts of peace, love and understanding. Kind regards, Andy

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    1. You just brought a very sweet yet deep smile on my face. Your words are always warm and full of affection. I am so sorry to learn that you too are going through something difficult and I appreciate you sharing your experience with me. We all can help each other with just a few words of love. A huge thanks to you Dear Andy.. I feel we both are going to get over this stage soon!! Regards.. Zigyasa

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  6. Hi! I don’t have a blogging experience to share since I just started blogging few weeks back. But I have lost enthusiasm in other aspects of Life that I enjoyed and found that it happens at times. To some extent that’s what brought me to blogging.

    I hope you find your enthusiasm back soon. A lot of us here are rooting for you. Take care!

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    1. O Dear.. how so over kind of you to say such beautiful and inspiring words. I love blogging because of you my dear. All my fellow bloggers have always supported me and have helped me whenever I needed them. Sometimes I wonder if I could ever thank you enough for staying by my side…

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