my eyes dried of tears

my expressions don’t cry along with me

when i can’t take it no more, i scream with pain

yet, no one seems to notice

then i tell myself

not to worry

it’s got to be like this only

i am not a child anymore

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11 thoughts on “Not a Child anymore

  1. People doesn’t seemed to notice anymore because they are all busy leading their own lives with their own set of problems. But at times it seemed that they didn’t care anymore. It’s all up to perspective if you ask me. 🙂

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  2. Most the times no one notices pain because they see their pain to be bigger than life. I learned no matter how bad I feel I always ask and make sure others are ok because the smallest word of kindness can help. We’re not children anymore but even adults need love attention and care no matter how strong a person is we all need and want comfort. You my friend are incredibly special your heart is big and gracefully beautiful your poetry resembles your heart. Much love blessings to you Zig

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