kissing the Horizon

kissing the Horizon

hours of burning

spreading golden rays around

the sun now tired, wanting to rest

lazing a little, becoming cooler

going down, kissing the horizon

making plans to set in the far west

waiting for the moon to show up

to handover the charge 

to look after its beloved precious

the earth beautiful


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If You may choose to…

If You may choose to…

if you may choose to give me your hand

I shall hold it softly, pull you to me

if you may choose to allow me kiss you

I shall caress your lips gently, with mine

if you may choose to dream with me

I shall take you in my dream, where we both shall fly

if you may choose to see the sunrise with me

I shall hold you in my arms, we will wait for the sun

if you may choose to honor me with your trust

I shall never let you down, for you I will die

if you may choose to listen to my song

I shall make you my song… 

and I will sing YOU

for the rest of my life

if you may choose to…. my Love


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When I almost met Obama..

When I almost met Obama..

I am going to reveal a secret that is going to bring amazement to many. I myself was surprised to learn that something like this could have happened to me.

I was sitting on my couch when my phone rang. The number was a private one and I was slightly hesitant to take the call initially. But somehow I pressed the “Answer” tab on my phone’s screen.

“Good morning, May I please talk to mySestina?” said someone..

I told them I am Z i g y a s a and my blog’s name is mySestina.

“Yes please, you are the one who writes poetry, isn’t it?”

I told them that it was me only.

“Well, I am calling from the President’s office in the USA, and we need your services. One of our officers here has discovered you on the internet and has been very impressed with your work. Could you please pay a visit to our office?”

I was Perplexed.. it felt as if my feet got glued to the ground. As I listened to her musical voice, I tried to grasp all that she had told me. I tried to pinch myself to check if it a was dream. But before I could do so, she started again..

“Hello, are you there miss, could you confirm if you could pay a visit to the White House?”

After a few days, I was sitting with my husband having morning tea. He just smiled and asked, “Honey! why were you saying, The White House! The White House! Yesss, Yesss… in your dream the other day?”

And I had almost met Obama…. in my dream!

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Love Unstoppable

Love Unstoppable

let’s hold each other’s hands today

let’s spread love, only love, in the world

let’s pour kindness everywhere around

let’s touch each living soul with warmth

let’s defeat the evil, let’s make friends with angels

let’s listen to the lovely songs of compassion

let’s work together to heal this wounded world

let’s keep going, let’s not stop

until love becomes unstoppable


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I mean it

I mean it

never thought I could have made it this far

never knew I was worth so much

never realized my true potential

never imagined the power of my will


YOU made me come this far

you showed me my real worth

you made me realize I could do wonders

without you, it wouldn’t have been possible


I mean it


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The Silent Leaf

The Silent Leaf

the leaf that’s giving life to the tree

that leaf giving shade to a tired man

that leaf swaying to the music of the wind

that leaf making the garden greener

that leaf without which, the tree won’t remain a tree anymore

that leaf that’s the ornament of the branches

that leaf that dies one day

that leaf turns dry, falls down on the ground

that dry leaf, that children love to crush under their feet

for they love the sound of the crush..

that leaf, oh! how I admire its selflessness

that leaf, that beautiful leaf

lying on the ground silently

asking for nothing!

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A Silhouette Leaf

A Silhouette Leaf

Against the light in the far night sky

the leaf, gave in selflessly

in agreement to give up its identity

to loose its color true, its very beauty

turned itself into a shape a little dark 

its outlines symmetrical

crafted by the finest hands of the almighty

unaware of the fact it looked even prettier 

surrendering to it’s love to the moon

bowing to its shiny silver gleam

the leaf not just a leaf anymore

but a silhouette leaf

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Religion Ruthless

Religion Ruthless

I carved your name on the ice

the ice melted, erased your name

I tried to hold you in my breath

your fragrance lost its scent

I held you close as I burnt myself in fire

there were ashes only as the fire calmed down

I built a strong tower to keep you safe with me

cruel society hammered it ruthlessly

why O why I failed to make you mine

why everything didn’t want us to unite

we were both born humans

a girl beautiful, a boy so kind

why O why did they categorize

you were born a Hindu

and me a Muslim


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