I am going to reveal a secret that is going to bring amazement to many. I myself was surprised to learn that something like this could have happened to me.

I was sitting on my couch when my phone rang. The number was a private one and I was slightly hesitant to take the call initially. But somehow I pressed the “Answer” tab on my phone’s screen.

“Good morning, May I please talk to mySestina?” said someone..

I told them I am Z i g y a s a and my blog’s name is mySestina.

“Yes please, you are the one who writes poetry, isn’t it?”

I told them that it was me only.

“Well, I am calling from the President’s office in the USA, and we need your services. One of our officers here has discovered you on the internet and has been very impressed with your work. Could you please pay a visit to our office?”

I was Perplexed.. it felt as if my feet got glued to the ground. As I listened to her musical voice, I tried to grasp all that she had told me. I tried to pinch myself to check if it a was dream. But before I could do so, she started again..

“Hello, are you there miss, could you confirm if you could pay a visit to the White House?”

After a few days, I was sitting with my husband having morning tea. He just smiled and asked, “Honey! why were you saying, The White House! The White House! Yesss, Yesss… in your dream the other day?”

And I had almost met Obama…. in my dream!

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61 thoughts on “When I almost met Obama..

  1. It may sound a joke … but I was planned to “screen” / “profile” ..
    Hilary Clinton.
    Its not a joke .
    Life never stops amazing! True?
    Yours sincerly.

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      1. An american collague from Texas was with me … she had bought her book and a golden writing / autography pen … ( spent a lot of money for it all … ) and at the end she together with me … were sent awa,. Empty handed … I spoke to the secret service guys.

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  2. You really Dream Big . Met him today if it’s your dream call him today at your home, no need to go white house, after all it was your dream not his ….. haha haa just kidding.

    Beautiful write indeed !

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      1. In reality,

        Our dreams are not in our control . Our thoughts are not in our control but we try to control external factors , which can never be in our control.

        Any way great idea , your dream should follow your instructions and do let me now in your next post who was the boss in the dream ….. haha haa just kidding .

        Excuse me if you mind my nonsense …

        Good night finally.

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      2. That’s a reward for me ! I will try to bring more humour into our conversation , but really, I am very bad with funny side.

        Hahaha awaiting to know who played boss role and who need a job . Don’t forget it’s your dream ….

        Good morning.

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  3. That was sooo teasing but i loved this post and it was differen from your normal post and had a touch of humour to it which i liked most..pl do write more of these ☺

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