A Better Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow

you have shed many tears

you’ve been through dark nights

nights that were long enough

to leave a mark on your soul

you’ve burnt your hands in fire

you’ve slept on the cold floor

smile is been missing on your face

for a long time

the pain must have broken your heart

it must have pierced through your spine

still my dear it’s remarkable

how you remained kind

your calmness, your patience

encouraged you to have faith

to hope for a better tomorrow

for a bright shining day

after a long long night

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Making Love to the Soil

Making Love to the Soil

clouds carefree

roaming about in the sky

flawless cotton like

pure and white

changing their color

anytime they wished

as if getting ready

to meet their lover

transforming into rain

falling to the ground

to make love to the soil

clouds carefree

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Psycho out of Me

Psycho out of Me

slogged my way

through the Ocean

only to find you

diving into someone else’s Heart….


funny is my fate

 can’t understand now

should I be shedding tears

or to laugh

a psycho out of me


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“You may now – Kiss the Bride”

“You may now – Kiss the Bride”

her flawless white gown

kissed the floor as she walked

looked so pure, like fresh clouds shining

the tiara shined in her soft black hair

her eyes twinkled with joy immense

the smile on her lips, a little shy

imagining of the wonders of the days to come

she took her vows of trust and faith

the diamond on her ring, reflecting her glow

she closed her eyes to live the moment

waited eagerly to listen to those words magical

“you may now – kiss the bride”


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Your Touch

Your Touch

leaving my body lifeless

my soul, evaporated

all was calm, so peaceful around

I started to follow my way to the heaven

and then, you came closer to my frame

your tearful eyes, pierced me deep

I craved for your touch just one more time

you reached out to me

placed your hand on my heart

in that special moment, my love

my soul, flowed back my life in me

I rubbed my eyes as if waking up from deep sleep

in your embrace I felt complete

we both held each other tight

sat there, crying tears of joy

hugging, never to let go again


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you bathe me with calm

the serenity of the moon…

you kissed my face

as we danced under the night sky


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A gaze of pleasure

A gaze of pleasure

he stood, in front of her

looking into her eyes so dark..

she, a little shy

yet, filled with passion

imagining, his tongue

inside her mouth

as he slowly

moved his gaze

from her eyes

to her lips

so desiring, so wet


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How I drowned…

How I drowned…

the depth of your eyes

urged me to dive into them

I meant to swim through your heart

instead, I drowned 

in the ocean of your tears


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The Irony – of You in Me

The Irony – of You in Me

you came into my life, colors came along

there was freshness around in the air

everything turned charming

there was no place for any negatives

I smiled all day long for no reason

you were there deep down in my thoughts

I was too happy to notice the crisis that was to come

as you failed me, you left me that day – broken

colors vanished, everything turned dark

freshness around me turned foul to absorb

even the charm wasn’t charming anymore

I couldn’t see life, it all turned gloomy

I never smiled afterwards

& the irony my dear is

you are still deep down in my thoughts

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Have You Ever?

Have You Ever?

have you ever, forced a smile on your lips

have you ever, told the tears to stay in your eyes

have you ever, hidden your face behind a mask

have you ever, sat on the beach alone for long hours

have you ever, told them you are fine, even when in pain

have you ever, shed tears while praying to the God

have you ever, felt lonely sitting in a crowd

have you ever, felt disconnected from your own self

have you ever, have had a heartbreak

have you ever, been rejected by someone you loved

have you ever asked yourself, why you have to suffer

have you ever

have you ever, looked for the solution ultimate

have you ever – searched inside yourself


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Take blogging to the Next Level

Take blogging to the Next Level

06Why do we blog?

Each one of us have our own reasons. Blogging is a perfect way to express our thoughts, emotions, observations and experiences to the world. Through our writing, we release our love, anger, positivity, humor, sadness, happiness and much more.

  1. Some of us blog to be heard and to be famous
  2. Some of us plan to take the monetary benefit out of it
  3. Some of us try to create social awareness through our blogs

There could be many more reasons behind why people blog, but there is one thing that we all relish in the blogging world. And that is loving each other.

It is very important to feel motivated and inspired through our blogging journey. We all can help each other in a beautiful way.

  1. Let us all support each other.
  2. Let us remain kind to our fellow bloggers.
  3. Let us all make each other feel important.
  4. Let us all be a part of a big family.

I feel motivated when I receive your love through your kind comments. I am sure that same works for you as well. Guess it works for all of us. So, why not! Let us not just connect with each other. Let us connect the human way.

Ready to take blogging to the next level? The level of human connection and kindness.



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from My Blog to OUR Blogs

from My Blog to OUR Blogs

I am a changed person since the time I started to blog. I am not just for myself anymore. I am for everyone around me and it gives me satisfaction.

5 months into blogging and it’s been an amazing journey so far. A journey that includes all sort of following experiences :-

  1. Learning from each other
  2. Getting inspired by the fellow bloggers
  3. Sharing mine and other’s experiences
  4. Receiving support and offering the same to others
  5. Low days with no posts
  6. Days full of energy and enthusiasm
  7. Stats booming up breaking previous record
  8. Not bothered about the stats sometimes
  9. Reaching the 100, then 200 and then 500 followers benchmark
  10. Writing 1000 posts on mySestina

and so on…..

It has been a tremendous journey so far.

The best thing to happen to me is that I truly have fallen in love with my blog and my fellow bloggers. I am not just for my blog anymore. I am for everyone else around too. I see new comers struggling through their initial days of blogging. And, I have now started to believe in helping and supporting each other. It seems to be a better way to nourish and to be nourished. Valuing people who value you is the most important thing in life.

I have now started to offer support to all my fellow bloggers and you must have noticed the same in my posts lately. I do the same by doing the following :-

  1. Sharing my approach towards blogging with others
  2. Listening to other’s experience of their journey so far
  3. Offering tips based upon a little success that I have achieved
  4. Offering to share other’s posts and their blogs on mySestina

Again, I am not saying that all of you may agree or disagree with me on this approach. I still believe in spreading love and support. I believe in connecting with my fellow bloggers the human way.

I love you all and I hope that you will love me back too!


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