clouds carefree

roaming about in the sky

flawless cotton like

pure and white

changing their color

anytime they wished

as if getting ready

to meet their lover

transforming into rain

falling to the ground

to make love to the soil

clouds carefree

image source

#clouds #carefree #poetry

4 thoughts on “Making Love to the Soil

  1. Clouds become heavier with the time could not hold thier own weight , left with no choice but to burst out and become rain to meet soil and reach ultimate destination , ocean !
    Again have desires to be lighter, evaporates and forms clouds and roam in the sky carefree , then same cycle keep on repeating.

    We are also drop of ocean and belong to the supreme soul , infinite and eternal.
    Chasing desires and tired many times feeling heavy want to burst out and trying to dissolve in supreme , want to attain perfect ecstatic stage of happiness.
    Repeating same cycle endlessly from ages .

    Beautiful poem indeed.


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