06Why do we blog?

Each one of us have our own reasons. Blogging is a perfect way to express our thoughts, emotions, observations and experiences to the world. Through our writing, we release our love, anger, positivity, humor, sadness, happiness and much more.

  1. Some of us blog to be heard and to be famous
  2. Some of us plan to take the monetary benefit out of it
  3. Some of us try to create social awareness through our blogs

There could be many more reasons behind why people blog, but there is one thing that we all relish in the blogging world. And that is loving each other.

It is very important to feel motivated and inspired through our blogging journey. We all can help each other in a beautiful way.

  1. Let us all support each other.
  2. Let us remain kind to our fellow bloggers.
  3. Let us all make each other feel important.
  4. Let us all be a part of a big family.

I feel motivated when I receive your love through your kind comments. I am sure that same works for you as well. Guess it works for all of us. So, why not! Let us not just connect with each other. Let us connect the human way.

Ready to take blogging to the next level? The level of human connection and kindness.



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101 thoughts on “Take blogging to the Next Level

    1. Dear Minal, I must admit that I have received tremendous amount of love from my fellow bloggers and each one of them inspire me in their own way. The least I can do is to support all my friends around here. I truly have huge respect for the blogging community and feel like being a part of this beautiful family. Thanks a lot to you for reading my heart. Let’s say connected the human way!

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  1. I strongly believe in this community.We are nothing without the love and support of our valuable readers.Lets keep blogging and sharing each other’s thought!Happy blogging:)

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  2. This is a wonderful post. I just started writing on WordPress a few weeks ago and so far the people have been authentic, fascinating, collaborative, and so creative. For me blogging is a spiritual practice. It took courage to adjust the privacy settings and go public, so I truly appreciate this post…well said!

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    1. Dear Maria, I am glad you relate so well to the blogging world and that your fellow bloggers have been so helpful and kind. It’s a beautiful day for me too as I found you here. I wish to stay connected to you the human way my dear!

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  3. Great post! I guess it’s important to share and show love in our times – when people can hide behind their fictional usernames and be unreasonably rude to others. I’m glad you encourage people to be kind to one another even if they are not acquainted in person.

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    1. That is the motto here my dear. Why can’t we spread love. Why can’t we be kind to each other. I guess it is really important to spread happiness around in today’s world. We all need it! Thank you so much for your support my love.

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    1. I always need you. I need each and every member of the blogging community. I strongly believe that we are nothing without each other and we must always learn from each other. We COMPLETE each other. Love you always for your support.

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  4. I’ve been enjoying your series of blog posts directed towards helping fellow bloggers. It’s such a joy to read and I can feel how passionate you are about blogging. It’s what connects us all-out why, our passion for blogging. It makes us a big family no matter what platform we use to blog. It’s too bad all the blogging communities/platforms aren’t able to follow each other the traditional way. For example, we have a WP blog but if we want to follow a self hosted blog that’s not WP we must do so through RSS feed

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    1. Yes my dear. I am extremely passionate about blogging and feel very strongly towards all my fellow bloggers. I have developed a relationship with each of my fellow bloggers and I truly believe in growing together and offering help as much as we can. Thanks a lot for giving time to read the series my dear. I appreciate it and so happy to have found you. Looking forward to a great relationship with you.

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      1. I could tell 🙂 I, too believe in growing together. You’re welcome! I was happy to read the series. It was a refreshing read. I’m happy to have found you as well. Yes, definitely looking forward to a great relationship with you as well! Bloggership?

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  5. Honest? Ok, I blog because I have a need to entertain others. It brings immense joy to me to know that another human finds my writing as silly and amusing as I do. That basically makes me selfish. But, in this, I find love for others that are kindred spirits.

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    1. Dear Sherrie, I must say that giving a sense of pleasure and joy to others through your writing is far beyond being selfless. You find happiness in making others happy and that makes you a kind soul. I am so glad that I can relate to you so much on this. Here, we share experiences and thoughts that help others and in turn we are being helped by them too. It is rather a win win situation and the best approach ever. Thank you so much for your time to visit and to read my thoughts.

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  6. Amazing post! I am kind of new at this blogging thing. We started our blog a month ago and I loved it ever since. People have been so supportive through the days! I’m totally in for the idea of spreading this love and kindness to more of us – bloggers. /KB

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    1. My Dearest Shreya, Only a beautiful soul can praise someone. You have a beautiful heart and that is how you call others so. I want to thank you for reading and I love your posts very much. Just a little behind now a days and trying to catch up.

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    1. How sweet of you Anamika.. I realized that there is no way that we could grow on our own and hence the idea of helping and being helped at the same time came across my mind.. But, I must say, it couldn’t have been a hit without all your support. So, again the community and love for each other is the prime factor here….

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  7. Again I agree with all your points. Particularly the last one. there is an “emotional” connection after a while. Very close to friendship. I say close, precisely because of the distance. Many of us are thousands of miles away. And yet, some times one meets a blogger friend. I did meet one this summer in London and it was great. Now going back to your points, How does one find the time to keep track of 810 followers? Blows my mind. Honestly. 5 minutes per 810 = 4050 mins = 67.5 hours a day? let’s say you rotate in a week? Still 10 hours a day. I don’t see how it can be done. 😦

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    1. Absolutely… I.agree with you here. It is not possible after a limit. Still, trying to catch up and doing our best could be.the solution. And after we have developed an emotional connection with bloggers, we tend to understand as well if they don’t show up for some.time… that’s what human connection is all about..

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  8. I think your efforts to connect with others is awesome . I started to blog as I wanted to keep in touch with my own self , in a world where I constantly listen to others in pain. Some problems I can solve, mostly I help them control ….I feel happy to see those living normal lives and in charge …and helping others….Great work ….keep it up….:-)

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    1. Indeed.. blogging keeps us connected to our own self. Our thoughts and emotions beings flowing out of us and at the same time, learning of other’s pain as well somehow keeps us going and to stay strong to fight.


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