The Warrior’s Reward

The Warrior’s Reward

they chose to reward the warrior of his bravery

they decided a punishment too harsh for him


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Birds from Heaven

Birds from Heaven

music of the morning

kissed the breeze

soft warm rays of the sun

woke up the birds

flowers bloomed

to the songs being sung

branch of the trees

were being danced upon

pigeons, sparrows,

there were humming birds

making merry

bringing life to the earth

a magical sight

for my eyes to witness

I wondered as I stood in my balcony

how could they hold such power divine

to make me feel so pure, pious

would be unjust to call them stray

they surely were the birds from heaven

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Spreading the Dark at the Speed of Light

Spreading the Dark at the Speed of Light

aren’t we now just numbers

numbers that’s increasing

aren’t we now just more

more humans & no Humanity

aren’t we now just blind

our vision getting fragile

incapable to consume the reality

aren’t we just hurting all

all that of our own kind

and the rest

aren’t we losing the connection

the power of emotion

aren’t we speeding at the pace of light  

to spread the darkness

aren’t we not just fed up

fed up of wars

fed up of politics

fed up of crime

aren’t we?


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The Beauty Eternal

The Beauty Eternal

the quill of an artist

bleeding in colors

carving on paper

his emotions endless

making it worthy

for the world to consume

the beauty eternal


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Color of his blood

Color of his blood

his blood not red, all the time

it’s green when he’s imagining the farms

it’s blue when he swims freely in the ocean

it’s yellow when he bows to the sun

it’s silver when he silently praises the moon

it’s even black when he is hurt in a war

for he is not a man too common 

he has an elegant way to him

he is way beyond special

he is – an artist

he can change

the color of his blood


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Your Silence speaks to Me, Better than your Words

Your Silence speaks to Me, Better than your Words

when you have no words to express

when you simply choose to stay shut

when you have no idea what to say

your silence, speaks to me better than your words

when you are done talking, when you are tired

when you don’t want to explain – your pain, your desire

when you simply put your finger on your lips

your silence, speaks to me better than your words

when you don’t scream, still your eyes are teary

when you are glued to your desk for hours, writing

when you end up finishing the the ink in that ink pot

your silence, speaks to me better than your words


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Ten Year old writes – My Emotions (by Radha)

Ten Year old writes – My Emotions (by Radha)

Hugs, kisses,

Sweet goodbyes

Well, they make me sentimental

Cries,  screams


I end up totally mental

Fear makes me feel alone,

I sit at one place,

And don’t go out from home

Happiness makes me jump around

I dance I sing,

I feel like a princess with a crown

Greed makes me want to have it all

I want this and that,

I want everything

Sadness almost kills me

Oh I hate it,

I don’t like it at all


I want what the other one has,

I’m so jealous,

Oh I also want it, I feel so bad

All my emotions, 

I really can’t control some of them

Well, they are just my own feelings,

How can I help


Radha is ten years old. Her innocent emotions reflect in her very first poem.

Heaven beyond the Clouds

Heaven beyond the Clouds

if all souls on the earth are kind

if all souls have love in store

if there is compassion flowing all around

if only there is peace at all times

there’s contentment in all the hearts

if only we would crave to make the other smile

if only we cross our limits to help the one in need

if only we could make it all possible

we wouldn’t need that day and any later

the heaven beyond the clouds

for our heaven then be under our feet

on the ground


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Sound of the Pendulum

Sound of the Pendulum

that house, where I was born

many things about it, I still remember

thinking of them, bring life to my soul

one of them, I distinctly remember

an old clock, that hung on the wall

I was a child, I never bothered about the time

yet I relished, the sound of the pendulum

the announcements it made every hour

to all the members of the family..

in that house we all made memories

we laughed, we shared smiles

we ate dinner together

every morning, we saw the sunrise

we too had many moments of pain

we cried together, our sorrows – we embraced

there, I met my childhood, my siblings

for heaven, saw my grandparents leaving

so much, that happened in the house

while the clock, went on ticking

the sound of the pendulum

still close to my heart


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I swallowed the Silence

I swallowed the Silence

I swallowed the silence

make it stay in my throat

to make my tongue worthless

to not let it utter a word

no matter how much

I have to go through

no matter how much

they make me suffer

I shall never even whisper

of my pain, my sufferings

for I just want to be me

I only want Me – to be with Me

when my eyes shed tears

in the dark


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isn’t God within us all

isn’t God within us all

I am not, what I thought I were

I am much more

I am a creation of the almighty

emotions flow through me

lovely eyes to see the beauty around

a heart that beats for love

kindness, affection, peace 

I hold them within me

I smile to bring smiles to many

I am brave enough to face the curse

I have the will to defeat the evil

I embrace life, I embrace love

I am special, I am a creation of the almighty

maybe, I am the almighty myself

isn’t God within us all


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Our True Religion – HUMANITY

Our True Religion – HUMANITY


Dear Almighty, I pray to you

I beg you to spread your light on our hearts

hearts those have become so stubborn

they speak of you, they pretend to follow

still, there’s no love they ever feel

are you not simply love my lord?

are you not simply kindness & peace?

why do they divide your pious soul

on the basis of religion, they gave you different names

they build Temples, Mosques, Churches and Gurudwaras

aren’t we meant to sit inside – Just PRAY

aren’t we just meant to connect with you my lord

does it really matter, where we sit to pray

why your people fighting, killing each other

spreading suffering, standing behind the wall of Religion

does it not pain your heart – my lord

you love your children, I know that for sure

shall I pray to you – to bring an end to such divisions


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Elusive – Human Connection

Elusive – Human Connection

living in a world full of wonders

satellites, smart phones, micro computers

robots at our service, each moment of our lives

televisions of all kind, virtual reality

things readily available on the touch of a screen

sitting in one corner, we could reach the other end of the world

conferences happening sitting continents away

man, reaching the mars, flying at the speed of light

exploring the universe, galaxies, the milky way

living in such a world so full of wonders

everything in abundance, luxuries, comforts

yet the man, loosing the true meaning of his existence

the only thing elusive now, is the Human connection 

the Human Touch!


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Fail your Pain

Fail your Pain

when you are in pain

when you can’t stop your tears from flowing

think of those children who haven’t eaten for weeks

think of a mother who just lost her son

think of a soldier, who will never come back home

think of his little daughter, waiting for her father 

for all of us, to be in control of our emotions

must we appreciate what we have

must we realize, we have a lot that many people crave for

must we understand the pain of the others

and our own pain will fade, will be less painful

this way my dearest, all of us

shall become better human beings

giving, compassionate, less self centered

contributing towards a better world

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The Purpose of my Existence

The Purpose of my Existence

if it wasn’t for to bring a smile on your face

if it wasn’t for to hold you when in pain

if it wasn’t for to wipe your falling tears

if it wasn’t for to take away your fear

if it wasn’t for to read you all my poems

if it wasn’t for to take you to Rome

if it wasn’t for to consume art together

if it wasn’t for to make our lives worth

if it wasn’t for dreaming with you my love

if it wasn’t for to make our dreams come true

then tell me my dearest

the purpose

of my existence


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Are you Loving the Lovely

Are you Loving the Lovely

are you singing along with the chirping birds

are you warm with the warmth of the sun 

can you feel the breeze brushing your body softly

are you ready, to start to learn

is your body fragrant with the fragrance of the flowers

have you felt soft grass under your feet 

are you listening to the song of life

are you dancing merrily to the beat

have you kissed your mother a morning bright

have you thanked her for her eternal love

have you looked up today to see the sky

to bathe in the colors of the rainbow

go ahead, tell yourself my dear

is it all, or none that you’ve done

before you start to complain the next time

ask yourself this first

are you thankful – for the simple pleasures of life

my dear

are you loving the lovely

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