did I ?

did  I ?

did I plan to suffer

no I didn’t

did I make friends with pain

no I didn’t

did I tell my eyes to cry

no I didn’t

did I ask you to be mine

yes, I did

& you said ‘No’


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Color of my Tears

Color of my Tears

often, my eyes bleed

I bleed with no open wounds

for the color of my tears

so serene, so selfless

they fail to see my pain

their vision incapable

to see me bleed

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the dullness in the morning

birds failed to chirp

why is there no breeze

could someone palpate this anxiety

the puffiness under her eyes

narrates the story of the previous night

how the darkness

secretly crawled into the sunlight

making it gloomy

Your Sweetness – Unpredictable

Your Sweetness – Unpredictable

your sweetness

so unpredictable 

keeps me thinking

keeps me worried

I just feel

I may loose my mind

for I don’t know when

would you start

to taste sour

maybe bitter…

Your sweetness…

leaving me

hungry for more

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The Ice & the Fire

The Ice & the Fire

the Ice & the Fire together

strong yet helpless – against each other

both confused – unable to decide

whether to cool or to burn the other

both in love

ready to give in

to give up their power

praying to the almighty

to take away

their extremism


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mySestina now is YourSestina

mySestina now is YourSestina

it’s amazing how you drive me to write

it’s beautiful how you lift me to strive

how you fill me with emotions endless

with your love, your thoughtful comments

the way you perceive my poems, the thoughts behind them

makes me inspire to bring more to you

every hour, every minute

how I think to bring a smile to your face

imagining you reading me, gives me a special place

I wonder would I be here without you all

could I have ever done it, without touching your hearts

this story, this journey through the world of blogging

how I feel so related, how you make me feel special

my dearest followers, my dedicated readers

today, let me reveal a secret

mySestina not just mine anymore

mySestina truly now is yourSestina


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Deafening sound of the Silence

Deafening sound of the Silence

deafening sound of the silence

on the other side of the phone

only to confirm

the departure of laughter

mugs of coffee with chocolate muffins

hand holdings and long walks

kisses in movie theaters

deafening sound of the silence

announcing loudly of the loneliness to follow

ONLY HIM lying on the bed

her soft body vanishing

escaping his touch

refusing to be caressed

his senses loosing capacity

to hear any kind of music

for he is deafened now

by the deafening sound of the silence

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That Darkest Moment

That Darkest Moment

This is about a little girl who lost her father at the age of 7. She had a younger brother and their mom was just 25 when  this tragic thing happened. This girl and her brother hadn’t even realized how their world was going to change from then on. The struggle started in their lives.

Mother struggling to earn and take care of the children without any support. She struggled with her emotions as she was so deeply in love with her husband whom she had lost. She couldn’t cry tears of pain so that she would not make her children feel scared or weak.

The girl started to wonder why her mother had stopped putting on any makeup and why does she now always wears dull color clothes. She often ran to her mother with a lipstick and requested her to wear it. And her mother would refuse (back then, in a hindu family, a widow was not allowed to wear bright colors or any kind of makeup).

Then came a day, her mother told her that their father was coming back. That he was gone for a while and now he is returning. The girl knew in her heart, its not her father, its going to be her step father, but looking at the shine on her mother’s face, she kept quite. She was surely happy about something – that her mother would start wearing bright colors and wear a lipstick or a nail paint again.

Life after that was full of struggle. Much more than it was earlier.

Years passed, the girl was now 34. She had her own children now. One day, sitting next to her mom breastfeeding her baby, her mother spoke to share how she felt when she lost her husband.

It was the first time ever she talked about the same.

She said,

“Your father was a very nice man, he helped me with everything. He was working at a high level in an organization, the same company gave me a job after his death on the basis of his seniority. He had 2 heart attacks and the third one took his life. He was hospitalized for about a month and i used to visit him everyday in the morning after sending you and your brother to the school. But that day, that dark day, i just entered the elevator in the hospital and saw a nurse with whom i got familiar with in that past one month. I greeted the nurse good morning and usually she would she would greet me back the same. But that day, she replied back saying, don’t you know?”

“The floor under my feet froze. I wanted to jump out through the half open door of the elevator. Few other people in the elevator stopped me. “

“That moment, that one moment was the most uncertain moment of my life. I could not consume, what had just happened. I had you and your  brother aged 7 and 5 and here I just lost my husband.”

The girl heard her mother talking her heart.

The irony of different perspectives brought tears to her eyes, that when her mother was going through the darkest moment of her life, as a child, she was busy thinking about why her mother would not wear any make up anymore!!

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my Saviour

my Saviour

thick dark blanket as I looked up in the sky

searching for an angel I struggled

many stars shined, refusing to flow their light

smiled and twinkled far, for their own selves

my heart ached in anxiety

I wondered of my state without any light

stars had refused, left me deprived

was this to continue, like it had till now

till this date, for the rest of my life

pain emerged, started to flow through my eyes

with helpless hands, I covered this face of mine

that was when, I sensed a presence divine

the air turned fragrant, the breeze brushed my soul

I wondered to dare to uncover my face & as I did

a calm, serene light shined upon me

dedicated itself, it bathed me to be pure

consuming all my pain, all the darkness

it was you my love, to bring me the light

I worried of no dark thereafter

for you became my Moon 

my Saviour

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His Sky was never enough for her

His Sky was never enough for her

her glance

glued to his frame

never failing to loose his sight

in hope, she opened her arms

craved to reach out to him

her soul longed for his embrace

how so much she needed him to care

to look at her softly, just once

with a little affection in his eyes

sigh – he never turned

to face her

didn’t she know

his SKY

was never meant

for her rainbow to glow

his SKY 

was never meant for her

his sky was never enough for her

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The way You belong to Me

The way You belong to Me

it’s exceptional
the way
you belong to me

your touch
I sense
your fragrance
I imbibe
your dreams
I perceive
your tears
I cry

your pleasure
pleasures me

could I ever be
without you
or you, without me

yes, it is exceptional
the way
you belong to me


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Sweetness to the Salt

Sweetness to the Salt

warmth of the gold rays kissed the snow

woke up from its sleep, the snow witnessed the glow

with a smile gentle, it started to melt

ready for a journey of thousands of miles

falling from the height it turned into a waterfall

fresh so white so flawless

caressed the earth, so it became a river

rushing, splashing, making love to the ground

making its own path to travel

spreading prosperity to the villages on its way

leading with courage, crossing the hurdles

celebrating life, giving life to many

not knowing how to stop

never wanting to rest even a bit

speeding to reach her beloved so waiting

knowing, of loosing her sweetness to the salt

the river so eager 

to be dissolved in the ocean


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my Secret of my Share

my Secret of my Share

my share of the sky

with more of heat, than the rainbow

my share of the rain

with more of shivers, than those dances

my share of the wind

with more of storms, than the cool breeze

my share of the clouds

with more of dullness, than its pretty colors

my share of the taste of life

with more of sour, than the sweet

my share of emotions

with more of tears, than those heartfelt giggles

and my share of YOU my dear

with more of emptiness, than a little of your love

my Secret of my Share ??

I chose to live, the little I had

than to cry for the more, that wasn’t mine

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Let’s be Humans again

Let’s be Humans again

aspire to grow soft wings to fly

must we keep our feet on the ground

wish to earn those coins of gold

must we not let the greed flow along

earn the power to be that warior

must we remain with a heart still gentle

if ever we feel the need to shed tears

must we not make a sound about the same

a father mus’nt forget, he’s a son as well

let us all give it a try

to build a world so beautiful

where the power supreme is humanity

let us all be humans again

let’s go back to our originality


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Feasting on Pain

Feasting on Pain

holding heavy guns of terror 

masked faces, spreading terror

children, women, elderly

no one is spared

laughing like demons

feasting on the pain of the innocent

taking pleasure in shedding blood red

those terrorists

they seem to have forgotten 

the meaning of their own existence


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I wanna LIVE my Life

I wanna LIVE my Life

wind chyme, dear wind chyme

would you play some music

I really wanna dance

rainbow dear rainbow

would you spill your colors

to make me glow

waterfall, dear waterfall

would you fall on my soul

cleanse me, make me pure

butterfly, sweet butterfly

would you come touch me

like I am your flower

peacock, pretty peacock

would you open your wings

I wanna bathe in the rain

chocolate, yummy chocolate

would you melt in my mouth

give your sweetness to me

river, flowing river

would you make me flow with you

I wanna dive into the ocean


sorrow, Mr. Sorrow

all my above requests have been accepted

so would you leave me alone

today, I wanna live my life

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You make me ….. ME

You make me ….. ME

you make me think

you make me smile

you make me breathe

you make me cry

you make me run

you make me stop

you make me happy

you make me sad

you make me jump

you make me freeze

you make me dream

you make me sleep

you make me rise

you make me fall

you make me grow

you make me tall

you make me hide

you make me reveal

you make me, you break me

you make me hollow

you make me complete

would I be me without you ever

you make me… ME


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Shining glass of Time

Shining glass of Time

I reached out to touch with my fingertips

the shining Glass of Time

it melted softly upon my touch

revealing, what laid on the other side

I saw a little Me, giggling

playing with bubbles & butterflies

running with kids after the flying kite

catching thousands of dragon flies

drops of rain bathing me pure

rainbow in the sky, glowing to bless

trees offering their branches to my swing

the wind blew softly to make me sing

my little self treasured the treasure that’s real

no coins no dollars I needed to buy

my happiness, I held it in my own hands

as a child, I had the vision to understand

the beauty lied in my own self

I knew how to smile, how to remain happy

weren’t those days simply beautiful

weren’t they

my real life

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Yes, I killed it.. Confessions?

Yes, I killed it.. Confessions?

I took my time

many years to believe

to gather much courage

to kill that something

that something which pulled ME from ME

that something that laughed at a helpless me

that something that called me a coward

that something that never let me rise

it was bloody all over

today, as I picked a sword 

I cut it in two halves

yes, I killed my FEAR

need I make CONFESSIONS?

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if only my Love… if only

if only my Love… if only

If only you had caressed my face softly

if only you had held my hand

if only you had kissed me gently

things would have been different today

if only you had a small corner for me

in your heart, if only you had allowed me to stay

if only you could see my invisible tears

things would have been different today

if only you hadn’t abandoned me in pain

if only you could hear my silent screams

if only you had offered me yourself

things would have been different today

if only you had understood my song

I wouldn’t be writing these words of pain

I would be singing my poems of joy

in your arms I would have been enjoying

if only my love.. if only


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The Wrong Train

The Wrong Train

lost in his thoughts, he couldn’t think much that morning

lost in his thoughts, he caught the wrong train

still lost in his thoughts, he took a vacant seat

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t see people around

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t know where to get down

lost in his thoughts, didn’t hear the baby crying next to him

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t notice something ticking under his seat

in a moment, a severe explosion hit the train

the man suddenly, woke up from his thoughts


 is now lost

in the ashes of the bomb blast

remember? he caught the wrong train

while being lost in his thoughts


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layers distancing us

layers distancing us

we were distanced

by the closeness between us

we were unhappy

for happiness that didn’t belong to us

we were crying from the inside

presenting fake smiles to the world

we drowned in pain

when we tried to dive into each other

we were filled, bubbled by the hollow

too many layers between us, parting our hearts

still all this while, never were we permitted

the unbearable pressure of the society

forcing our frames, to remain together

to do nothing but to put a fake face

behind which

we were to shed tears countless

embarrassing our happiness

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Realize your Worth

Realize your Worth

praise like a man wise, praise all good – that’s worth

stay innocent, to match the innocence of a child

roam carefree about, like the clouds move in the wind

make your inner self glow, like the glow of the sun

let the fire swallow all the sin, that’s burning your good self

speak like a man so gentle, with a heart that’s kind to all

realize your worth my dear, you are worthy of the best


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The Voyage Eternal

The Voyage Eternal

two hands, caged in a circle

walking their own pace

one seem smaller, a little heavier

the other seem energetic, a little younger

meeting each other every hour

set on a voyage that’s never to end

a voyage to decide the fate of everything else

a voyage that needs no train, no aeroplane

a voyage to birth voyages many more

it’s the voyage ultimate

the voyage of a clock

the voyage of time

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