often, my eyes bleed

I bleed with no open wounds

for the color of my tears

so serene, so selfless

they fail to see my pain

their vision incapable

to see me bleed

image source

12 thoughts on “Color of my Tears

  1. I am dealing with an eye problem on our pony for the last couple weeks. Thankfully, everyone’s prayers are answered and he can still see. He had an old injury to his eye, and so only had half an eyelid on one eye…well he apparently re-injured that eye, and it caused his remaining eyelid to turn under and the eye lashes scratched him and caused it to ulcerate. I was praying that he didn’t lose his eye. Thankfully, it is healing and the vet will be reshaping the eye lid. I am very relieved. He is a wonderful old guy (23 yrs old). This really made me think about him with his eye closed tightly and streaming tears and having scratched my own eye once, I know how much it must have hurt to have his eye lashes scratching each time he blinked! Great wording on this post! Love the pic too!

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    1. You know my Dear Charlene.. animals have more emotions and pain than humans. Its just that we humans cant understand them well. They are so patient and silently keep taking pain without making a scene about it. I love their serenity. I couldn’t help but picture your pony when I read your message. Poor guy. I really really hope that he is well and doesn’t have to bear any pain. Give my love to him. Thank you so much for sharing this my dear. Love you for this.

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      1. Thanks for your kind thoughts…He is doing well, the vet gave him a temporary fix up and it will be fixed better as soon as the vet can get back out here. He has been waiting for some healing to take place before the surgery. We supposed to be today, but looks like it is rescheduled. Ecko isn’t phased at all. I originally thought he was having an allergy, as my other horse will sometimes have a runny eye when pollen is high and I am miserable right along with her, but it clears up in a day or two. His went on too long so I knew something was up. Of course, I feel bad for not knowing the exact nature of the problem right away, but things like this happen. As you say, animals are pretty silent about their pain….when he originally hurt that eye lid I came home and he was just standing there with a ripped eye lid. Got the vet out immediately for that, of course, as it was obvious that it needed attention.

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      2. We need people like you in the world Charlene. Thanks for being so kind and gentle towards your pony. I believe, all animals need love and affection. You are doing your bit. Hats off to you my dear. Would you hug your pony from my side please.

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