the dullness in the morning

birds failed to chirp

why is there no breeze

could someone palpate this anxiety

the puffiness under her eyes

narrates the story of the previous night

how the darkness

secretly crawled into the sunlight

making it gloomy

8 thoughts on “Gloomy

  1. what you are up Zigyasa. This supersonic speed of writing posts with such diverse topics full of your virgin ideas is going to achieve new horizons every day, every minute, every second and every moment. Love you for the treat

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  2. This gives me a picture of someone who can’t sleep because it was too hot. I really like the line about the darkness secretly crawling into the sunlight…that is how it feels when you know you have a busy day coming, but are not able to relax enough to fall asleep..the closer to day it gets the more anxious you feel about how tired you are going to be as you try to get through your day! You captured that feeling really well. I even thought that the night was so long that the birds were never going to sing! This one was really an awesome pictorial for me of a sleepless night!

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    1. Dear Charlene, You amaze me how you take me to a journey about each one of my posts in such a beautiful way. You make me think about my own posts again. You make me realize much more hidden in those words, that I didn’t even think of while writing them. You show me so many other aspects of the poems that I write. I am so thankful to have you come up with your thoughts my dear. You are simply awesome.

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