it’s amazing how you drive me to write

it’s beautiful how you lift me to strive

how you fill me with emotions endless

with your love, your thoughtful comments

the way you perceive my poems, the thoughts behind them

makes me inspire to bring more to you

every hour, every minute

how I think to bring a smile to your face

imagining you reading me, gives me a special place

I wonder would I be here without you all

could I have ever done it, without touching your hearts

this story, this journey through the world of blogging

how I feel so related, how you make me feel special

my dearest followers, my dedicated readers

today, let me reveal a secret

mySestina not just mine anymore

mySestina truly now is yourSestina


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#poetry #drive #blogging

14 thoughts on “mySestina now is YourSestina

  1. Thank you for sharing that with us, lovely! It made me smile and it’s how I feel as well. I, too, feel that what I write is made special by those of you that read what I have to say and by adding pieces of who you are to it. ♡

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    1. True that Carissa. Writing and being read gives immense pleasure. It is something very special and not comparable to anything else. It is so wonderful to support each other and find our love in words. We are now a big family…

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  2. Yesterday I thought to express the desire to write poem for me as I am your loyal reader , off course you have many more. But that does not lessen my importance.

    Today I think it’s for me written Beautifully.

    That is why I said you are poetess but beyond that, creative people have very sharp intution. You are one them.

    You can communicate in silence.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. You know Nisthur, this blogging world has given so much to me. I write and my friends read, they write and I read. We communicate with each other and have healthy discussions even if we don’t agree on the same thing. This is amazing and I always have felt that we are complete only with each other. I never think too high of myself. I have learnt to keep my feet on the ground no matter how many followers I may ever get. It is all about human connection and with that theory, each and every person is important here. I was sitting at 499 followers a few days back and the urge to get 500 was normal. Even if a single person would unfollow, I would again go back to 499. That’s why I respect each and every individual here and I love them all dearly. You most definitely are special.

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      1. Glad to know about your perception about blogging.
        Keep writing, keep sharing.
        I agree , it’s more of human connection.

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