praise like a man wise, praise all good – that’s worth

stay innocent, to match the innocence of a child

roam carefree about, like the clouds move in the wind

make your inner self glow, like the glow of the sun

let the fire swallow all the sin, that’s burning your good self

speak like a man so gentle, with a heart that’s kind to all

realize your worth my dear, you are worthy of the best


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7 thoughts on “Realize your Worth

  1. People engrossed in depression most need to hear this but cannot hear anything but darkness and grief…when they awake they are always responsive. It is the waking that is hard to understand, how does it happen anyway. Like those in a coma, keep talking. Do not grow weary to those who seem lost. Beautiful thoughts.

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    1. Thanks a lot my dear. You said it right. one must realize their worth. We could be so much more kind and generous if we do so. We would be so good to our own selves and can achieve much more in life.

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