two hands, caged in a circle

walking their own pace

one seem smaller, a little heavier

the other seem energetic, a little younger

meeting each other every hour

set on a voyage that’s never to end

a voyage to decide the fate of everything else

a voyage that needs no train, no aeroplane

a voyage to birth voyages many more

it’s the voyage ultimate

the voyage of a clock

the voyage of time

image source

#poetry #voyage #eternal

5 thoughts on “The Voyage Eternal

  1. (1) “I have folded Dalí’s clock, draping time’s dressing gown over the foot of her bed.” (2) “When I look at my watch: time flies off my wrist and flaps its hands helplessly.” (3) ” wait for Dalí’s giraffe to burst into flame and call me with its voice of fire.”
    I love the theme and you handle it beautifully. Well done. Love it.

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