your sweetness

so unpredictable 

keeps me thinking

keeps me worried

I just feel

I may loose my mind

for I don’t know when

would you start

to taste sour

maybe bitter…

Your sweetness…

leaving me

hungry for more

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#poetry #unpredictable

9 thoughts on “Your Sweetness – Unpredictable

  1. This reminded me (because of the picture, probably) of a glass of iced tea. How you can have a glass that you are expecting to taste a certain way, and you are drinking it and enjoying it, but then the waitress comes along and refills the glass with the wrong drink….you know you are drinking sweet tea and the glass gets refilled with unsweetened tea. Tea is a drink that just needs to taste the way you are expecting, I think people across the world would agree on that. There are so many things like this that are supposed to be a certain way in order to meet your expectations, but are very disappointing when they don’t….like biting into a piece of fruit and it being sour. The thing is that the sour helps you to appreciate how sweet the sweet really is when you taste it! Nice post. Took me into some memories that were really pleasant and sweet.

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    1. Dearest Charlene, You leave me speechless with all your comments with such wonderful and amazing experiences related to my posts. I get to see a completely different aspect of my thoughts and realize how versatile could one thought be. I am so thankful to you to actually take me to a different world with your ideas. Loads of love.. and yes, I agree to you on how people think about the way their tea should taste..

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      1. That is the wonderful thing about both poetry and sharing thoughts…someone’s writing can always take you on a journey if you let it, but it isn’t always the journey that the author set out to start a person on…even with my posts, when I am conveying something about God, I don’t know what the person who reads it may see in it that I never realized. God gives them what they need from it to draw closer to him, and to help them through the situation they are going through. It’s because God always meets people where they are, not where others expect them to be.

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  2. Life is such a drink you never know, what taste will come from same drink.

    Loving each taste with same spirit makes people wise. Any pleasure in life ask for more and more.

    Lovely collection of poems you have. I imagine one can’t write so many poems in a day with same consistency or one can ? I donot know ?

    Love the sweet in your poems, want more can’t help.

    Please share !😊

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