I was young, I was free

I was all about ME

my books, my room, my friends

independence to speech, cried on tiny things

a hundred hands to hold me

time has changed

I m a Mother, a Wife

plenty on my plate

up early in the morning

ensure no one gets late

grocery, laundry, dishes

all my deeds are for others

I wonder if its for better

those times,

this time

am i selfish to compare to see

I’m just about everything else today – but ME

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41 thoughts on “All about Me

  1. I don’t think you are selfish. Times change and you still think of you when you take care of your kids. In a way you still care about you but it has a different face now

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      1. Well at least that’s what I seen with my mom. I am so glad I a a guy but still it hurts to see women being treated that way

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  2. It is important to take time for yourself and care for you and your needs. Balance is everything something even I have to learn to do better.

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  3. Sestina, this is a sad poem because so many women don’t get enough time for themselves. We men must stand in solidarity with women by truly sharing the chores of life. Thank you for your poetry!

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    1. I am extremely glad that there are men like you who understand the pain behind . Its not easy to be selfless. Women, generally even if they dont want, they tend to fall in this trap and later on in life they feel not so good about not doing anything for themselves.

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  4. It is tough to handle different roles being a mother , wife ,daughter but then u are equipped naturally to manage it exceptionally well . I whole heartedly appreciate u for this. But then yes as u told you nothing wrong in being a little selfish and thinking about your dreams ur interests and ur health.. Im sure ur family would support..
    And yeah this is for every women who has a similar lifestyle..

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