Hike to the Moon

Hike to the Moon

as you hold my hand, you shall

my soul gleams with shine

I ready myself for a hike

to the moon & back to the earth

fuel me with your touch, you shall

fuel me with your love, you shall


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A Society so Empty

A Society so Empty

Living in a world

With no compassion

People, with guns in their hands

Their minds full of disgust

Hatred, overflowing

Their eyes, ready to cheat

Everyone who could be cheated

Their words cruel, hurtful

As they open their mouth to speak

Their brains so full of greed

Wanting enormous power

Their mindset inhuman

Not allowing others to make any choices

Breeding a generation like their own

Their children following their path

Not realizing, their attitude

Becoming poisonous


A society so Empty

That’s never to flourish

But to die

A painful death


To fill the emptiness

With nothing


dead bodies all around

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For a Little Happiness

For a Little Happiness

I chose silence over scream

gathered all pain in my heart

surprised I was to see its potential

how much more could it absorb

I was scared, yes I was

soon the day shall arrive

this heart of mine shall explode 

releasing uncountable tears

poor pretty heart

sure belongs to a brand rare and rich

consuming stabs of fate

is still working fine

still beating in hope

for a little happiness

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False Hearted

False Hearted

how broken could one be

how deeply could someone be pierced

how lonely can someone become

when to accompany you its only despair

how dark could nights become

dark enough to leave their mark

for the days to be dull and shadowy

with nothing but zilch to embark

i know why this “how” has happened

it has happened for the people false-hearted

who grab you, possess your character

some lead you, some leave you deserted

the truth so it is – quite resentful, ironic

by them, you shall remain surrounded

till eternity

The Heroes

The Heroes

could you stretch
expand your scope
would you give up all your limits
for that someone in hope

could you loose
all that you got
could you put yourself to pain
to give life to the unknown
when for you
there’s nothing to gain

not for love
for no emotions
could you just do it 
to hold erosion

the secret lies
in what you decide
a few to say “Yes”
rest all shall watch in silence
to witness
how really are the heroes made

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A Girl’s fear of the Girl’s thing

A Girl’s fear of the Girl’s thing

She felt the hesitance in her daughter’s words

as she spoke to her softly

“Mommy, can I ask you about a secret

my friend at school told me of it yesterday

the daughter’s hesitance made mom, worry a little

she asked her to let her know of her secret

the daughter went ahead asked mom, about a girls periods 

what would it mean, how would it feel

when will she start with it, she wanted to know

Mother could sense daughter’s fear as she spoke

to know of the girl’s thing had given her a blow

Mother decided to soothe her child a little

told her it wasn’t a big deal, it was only natural

yes, she still may have a couple of more years

Mother promised to prepare her before she would start

an important thing she told her to make her feel easy

never to be shy, or be ashamed of it

it’s a fact biological and the world knows it all

must she take pride to be a smart girl

Mother was relieved to see her daughter’s relief

as she hugged her & told her, she now felt better

there was now courage, a little strength in her speech

she spoke now confidently, without any fear

Mother made the daughter to promise her one more thing

never would she hesitate to come to her

for any such questions she ever may have

Yes, the mother is preparing her girl to be bold

She takes pride in raising her

with openness of thoughts

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There surely is a Way

There surely is a Way

Is there a way

is there any way

no! there is no way

no possible way

but there must be a possible way

of million ways which are not the way

there must be just one, atleast one way

that one way which is beyond special 

that one way which will make it all possible


I am not just gonna sit back and watch

I am gonna go ahead with that one way

and prove to myself

that having No Way at all

is not my way

it was never my way

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In a Gleaming Coffin

In a Gleaming Coffin

forbidden of happiness 

each moment of her life

today, she lay in her own space

a space too packed, with her lifeless body

she now lay in a gleaming coffin..

only the angels now know

 of her pain

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H e l p l e s s n e s s

H e l p  l e s s  n e s s

my helplessness

laughs at me


my character


i made it

so effortless

for them

to hurt me too deep

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juggling in my mind

going up

coming down

sure, I am screwed

do I laugh

do I cry

my powerlessness

to decide

should I tell her

or hide my secrets

for a little more time


juggling in my mind!!

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Thank Goodness I’m in Love

Thank Goodness I’m in Love

I know, no boundaries

I am in love

I am eternal

I am in love

my pleasure is to please 

I am in love

you are beautiful

for I see you through my eyes

my love for you my love

makes you divine

I have begun to love myself

I am in love

O thank goodness

I am in love

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