She felt the hesitance in her daughter’s words

as she spoke to her softly

“Mommy, can I ask you about a secret

my friend at school told me of it yesterday

the daughter’s hesitance made mom, worry a little

she asked her to let her know of her secret

the daughter went ahead asked mom, about a girls periods 

what would it mean, how would it feel

when will she start with it, she wanted to know

Mother could sense daughter’s fear as she spoke

to know of the girl’s thing had given her a blow

Mother decided to soothe her child a little

told her it wasn’t a big deal, it was only natural

yes, she still may have a couple of more years

Mother promised to prepare her before she would start

an important thing she told her to make her feel easy

never to be shy, or be ashamed of it

it’s a fact biological and the world knows it all

must she take pride to be a smart girl

Mother was relieved to see her daughter’s relief

as she hugged her & told her, she now felt better

there was now courage, a little strength in her speech

she spoke now confidently, without any fear

Mother made the daughter to promise her one more thing

never would she hesitate to come to her

for any such questions she ever may have

Yes, the mother is preparing her girl to be bold

She takes pride in raising her

with openness of thoughts

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32 thoughts on “A Girl’s fear of the Girl’s thing

  1. Ah!.
    I would like to thank you for this poem… The hesitation, the fear, all just ntng now… No one really talk abt it very freely, and u just converted it into poetry. Great…👌👌👏👏👏

    Liked by 3 people

    1. We must. There is no need to feel shy or ashamed of it. It is a part of a girl, gives her the power to give birth. We must not raise our girls feeling secretive about the same. The way we grew up with it was not the correct approach. Girls must feel confident about their girlhood.

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    1. Thanks Akhila… this is every growi.growing girls feeling… how they feel.scared and shy of the fact of facing periods.. plus, i strongly feel, they must feel comfortable and confident about it. There is no need to shy off with such things.. there is no secret about it. The world knows it all.

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  2. This is one of your best works. Talking about such an important phase of a girl’s life and talking about it in such a strong way, you have set an example to all the women out there to be aware of their bodies and take pride in it!
    I remember when my mother told me about it and taught me how to deal with the situation, she spoke of it in such a matter of fact way that i never felt I was going to face a big challenge, until I actually did! Obviously the experience was fearful and painful but I was strong in my head because my mother made no big deal about it, nor did my father. In fact, in our culture, we actually celebrate this ‘change’ in a big way by inviting neighbours and sharing this with them, we celebrate the natural happenings in the most natural way! 🙂

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    1. Yes my dear.. I am.glad that your parents didn’t make a big deal about it. In.our society, girls are not given proper education about such things and they end up being fearful and suffer. In fact, they tend to feel shy about such matters. I strongly believe that it is a biological process and there should be no shame in talking about it. We must make our girls comfortable about their process of growing up and they must take pride for being a girl and a.woman later…

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      1. Absolutely! Changes are biological and they need to be treated as simple things in life and people should learn to teach their daughters the power of these changes in the body. They need to treat their daughters to love themselves and to be proud of being born a woman!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Cheers to womanhood!!! I have 2 daughters and I am.proud to have them in my life.. they are still young for such changes but I am.sure they will be strong enough when the time comes..

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