I know, no boundaries

I am in love

I am eternal

I am in love

my pleasure is to please 

I am in love

you are beautiful

for I see you through my eyes

my love for you my love

makes you divine

I have begun to love myself

I am in love

O thank goodness

I am in love

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#poetry #love

25 thoughts on “Thank Goodness I’m in Love

      1. No, it’s good – I’m fine. It’s all in the past now. It’s just that – now I will never know if you are you or if you are being someone that you are not. Just a little confusing for someone like me who always takes people at face value.

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      2. O dear.. I don’t know how to explain this to you. It is not that I am faking anything, but I may be talking o someone else in my poem at some time. I apologize to cause you any misunderstandings Robert.

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      3. Oh, wait – did you think that I thought that you were in love with me? No, no, no, no – I’m okay that you are saying the words to another person. No, I was just wanting them to be true at one time, on some level – even if you are just saying that you are in love with God (which is something I would recommend to anyone).
        No, honest – I’m good. 🙂

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