darkness gulping it all

the light of hope fading

being consumed slowly

like a Geenie filling the jar


I am here still determined

fighting the black hole



26 thoughts on “fighting the Black Hole

  1. Beautiful.

    Everything has an end,
    My comments on your posts too will come to an end one day.

    That is how the life is , nature of law.

    Are we prepared for such ends ?

    Hey This is just out of curiosity , I raised a question ?

    Just don’t be serious ….and smile back.

    We should know the impermanence nature of things around us.

    Have a great time here and now !😊

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    1. You said it right.. everything has an end. That is indeed the law of nature and our existence is dependent upon the same. I guess through our journey we prepare ourselves for all the ends that we have to face one day in our lives… Thanks again Nish, till the time your comments won’t stop, I will relish them.. stay blessed

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      1. as I said words are no good…because we all have strenght in us but hidden we tend to lose ourselves…all to do is rediscover the lost self….all the best*smiles*


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