I stood in silence

witnessing my heart breaking 

pieces falling to the ground

like a broken glass

spilling my blood all around…

I tried to gather them all

like a puzzle, I struggled to put them together

it pained as I couldn’t find a way

just couldn’t bring them to my heart’s shape

even after countless attempts – I failed… I failed

now I am here

I am here to ask you for the key

to help me, Un-break my heart

to make it whole once again


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33 thoughts on “Un-break my Heart

  1. Being physical
    is ever eternal

    If you heart
    can be broken
    become the love
    Which is immortal

    serve the world
    even you are
    find the divine
    In each human

    feel the bliss
    Within you
    only medicine
    so far I knew

    broken pieces
    can never be whole
    know that
    you are beautiful soul 😊

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      1. Learnt from you, is it not I am quick learner ?

        My reply is an effort to make your heart immortal un-breakable ever bliss ful.

        Though both reply and poem are fiction. I know but when you sell only fiction I have no option left but to buy the same.

        Lots of appreciation for your poem, keep writing !

        Happy Sunday !😊

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      2. I am having content to express but very bad in expressing it as writer.
        But people like you supports me even though. Because they all are humble and kind like you.

        Can’t thank enough !😊

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      3. All great writers think of themselves not being capable but they are the ones who bring a lot of encouragement to other’s lives.. You are fantastic in each way Nish. I am a big fan of you and you know it…

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      1. Isn’t he absolutely wonderful Sumit… I am always inspired by his words, be it comments or his own posts… Nish, you have a lot of people who get inspired by you… Keep going.


      2. Wow , I am glad you have got the essence of the poem and you inspired from it.

        Thanks a ton for being a part of blogging world.

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