Craving for More

Craving for More

His hands soft and gentle on her skin

treating her like the goddess of beauty

exploring her curves

exploring her deep

making her moan in pleasure

craving for more

his lips leaving kisses around her neck

his tongue mingling with hers

tasting her mouth, her sweetness

his body pressed gently against hers

feeling her warmth

consuming her pleasure

their breathing growing fast & heavy

as they become one, attached

no spaces meant, left between them

as they make love to each other

reaching the peak of pleasure

and then

lying by each other’s side

sleeping in peace

like a child


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she was born out of the man’s rib

her bones fragile

her muscles holding not much power

her body slender, soft not masculine

she was considered not strong but weak

she was forbidden the things men would do

often she was told to resist her desires

was laughed at for shedding tears

she was asked to stay behind the doors

was used as a piece just to provide pleasure

she was called a machine that produces children

she was being hurt, raped, got killed every moment

fools were they, for not realizing her worth

fools were they not to praise her courage

fools were they not to respect a woman

fools were they not to know of her power….

….the power to gulp the pain in silence

the power to remain calm and not get violent

the power to cross a path full of thorns

the power of love she held in her heart….

she was selfless when she loved her man

she was affectionate when she loved her children

she stood by her family each moment

how could someone ever call her weak

SHE seems to me the STRONGEST


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soft blue eyes with no fake lashes

lips so pink beating any gloss

smile so genuine, felt deep within

long hair kissing her shoulders softly

as I look at her, praising her beauty

I end up telling myself all the time

could anything be more stylish ever

more stylish than her simplicity


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Understanding our Talent

Understanding our Talent

We all are hiding talent within us and just need to observe a little and realize our true worth. Some of us tend to ignore our capabilities and not observe them closely as we take them for granted.

I am writing this post in order to tell all my dear readers how ignorant I was of my own capability of writing.

As a child, I wrote a couple of poems for the school magazine which were appreciated by my friends and teachers. Then what… nothing!  I again wrote as a teenager a couple of times but never looked at it closely and thought of pursuing it. Sigh! This is where I made a mistake. Today, when I write, people read and they encourage me with their feedback.

It is very important for us to observe closely what we are good at. We tend to ignore our capabilities and don’t give them enough importance. It may happen when we raise our children as well. To give you an example – my daughter would go to the park to play with other children in the evening after school. She played badminton with her friends there who were of her age. She always complained that she gets bored of playing with them and that she wants an adult to make her practice. A few of my neighbors came back telling me that my daughter plays very well and must be encouraged to play at a higher level. I must say, I took my time to realize that they were right. She truly is very good and if given proper coaching, she could actually reach heights in badminton. I have now provided her with a coaching class and she is doing really well there.

My daughter is ten and I am sure it is the best time when I have realized her potential in badminton. She is good at other things like sketching and writing poems as well but sport seem to be her passion. She may not choose it as her profession later but she will never have the feeling of missing on the opportunity. Being her mother, I also take pride in understanding my child’s interests and needs which could really help her now and later.

The motto of this post is to encourage you to look out and observe closely of any kind of talent in someone you know and help them grow.

We are all a part of a big pool of talent.. Let’s make it our life.


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I Praised the Darkness

I Praised the Darkness

as I praised the darkness

the light shone upon my soul

as I praised the clouds

the rain cleansed my thoughts

as I praised a mother

her children started to follow me

as I praised the weak

they revealed the warrior in them

as I praised the wind

it became soothing against my skin

as I praised the ocean

it gulped all my sins

as I praised the almighty

I saw the path to selflessness

and as I praised my love

we became one soul


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Strong Bloggers & what Success means to them

Strong Bloggers & what Success means to them

It’s been 4 months and 20 days into the blogging world. In this time, I have seen and learnt many things about people and their blogging way. I have tried to understand other people’s perspectives, I have learnt many new things about different places and cultures, have seen stunning photography and read beautiful poems and articles.

During this amazing journey, I have seen the following kind of bloggers –

  1. Who are already considered successful.
  2. Who have reached a stage where they can relax a little for they know, they are doing reasonable and will reach the stage where they call themselves successful.
  3. The ones who are still struggling to understand their way to the success.

Now, when I think deep, I ask myself that it is even important to be a successful blogger? And what exactly would success mean here in the world of blogging?

Then I tried to answer the question myself. Here, there is nothing like being successful or not successful. All that matters here is to be a Strong Blogger. The one who keeps writing and fighting, the one who offers help to others when they need it, the one who can inspire others with his/her posts, the one who is daring to write the truth and is bold enough to face criticism, the one who is influential the positive way, the one who is writing for a cause, the one who is trying to create awareness, the one who is taking out time to appreciate others and encourage them.

This deep insight encouraged me to create the Blogger’s Pool which extends appreciation and support that all of us need. A place where we can meet other beautiful bloggers and appreciate their work.

Today, I want to take pride in saying that I want to be a  STRONG BLOGGER. I want to spread happiness around. I want to find out a way to connect people to each other. I just want to support everyone around with my words. My Strength is my Success!

Do you also feel that it’s the best way to blog! Please leave your comments to express your views.


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Blogging Happiness

Blogging Happiness

What is our ultimate goal in life? Is it money, comforts, education, fame, family, success…

The list may never end. People who have all or some of the above may be happy or still be unhappy in their lives. Sometimes, people who don’t have most or little of the above may still know how to remain as happy as they can be.

So, the ultimate goal in our lives is being happy.

Playing with a child, telling them bedtime stories and listen to them giggling, fresh flowers in the garden, flawless clouds in the sky, having a meal with our family, being together and supporting each other, bringing a smile to a stranger’s face, writing, painting, singing, dancing, holding hands and much more. All these things can give us little peace and happiness.

We all have responsibilities in life and it is not easy to handle the kind of pressure we have in our lives, but we still can try and ease the stress by not ignoring the simple things and making the best use of them to keep us cheered up.

Greed is one thing that kills our happiness. When we always keep wanting more and are never satisfied with what we have, makes us unhappy. We forget to enjoy and relish what we possess and keep urging for more.

Even after having a lot of money, education and fame, people tend to remain dissatisfied in their lives. Many celebrities are a good example of the same. We tend to run after material things in our life and in the end remain unhappy because we are not able to value the small things that can make us happy.

Now, let’s see what blogging can give us –

  1. Blogging is one thing that gives us happiness. It may or may not give us money or fame but we feel connected with each other even if sitting continents away.
  2. We are able to express ourselves on such a fantastic platform.
  3. We receive and give support to each other that gives us pleasure and contentment.
  4. We are happy publishing our work and reading other’s.

At the end of the day, blogging can give us a little or more happiness and makes us a positive person. It makes us strong and inspires us which leads to happiness and self contentment.

So guys, keep blogging, enjoy tiny things in life and stay happy, healthy and blessed!

Love you all!


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