What is our ultimate goal in life? Is it money, comforts, education, fame, family, success…

The list may never end. People who have all or some of the above may be happy or still be unhappy in their lives. Sometimes, people who don’t have most or little of the above may still know how to remain as happy as they can be.

So, the ultimate goal in our lives is being happy.

Playing with a child, telling them bedtime stories and listen to them giggling, fresh flowers in the garden, flawless clouds in the sky, having a meal with our family, being together and supporting each other, bringing a smile to a stranger’s face, writing, painting, singing, dancing, holding hands and much more. All these things can give us little peace and happiness.

We all have responsibilities in life and it is not easy to handle the kind of pressure we have in our lives, but we still can try and ease the stress by not ignoring the simple things and making the best use of them to keep us cheered up.

Greed is one thing that kills our happiness. When we always keep wanting more and are never satisfied with what we have, makes us unhappy. We forget to enjoy and relish what we possess and keep urging for more.

Even after having a lot of money, education and fame, people tend to remain dissatisfied in their lives. Many celebrities are a good example of the same. We tend to run after material things in our life and in the end remain unhappy because we are not able to value the small things that can make us happy.

Now, let’s see what blogging can give us –

  1. Blogging is one thing that gives us happiness. It may or may not give us money or fame but we feel connected with each other even if sitting continents away.
  2. We are able to express ourselves on such a fantastic platform.
  3. We receive and give support to each other that gives us pleasure and contentment.
  4. We are happy publishing our work and reading other’s.

At the end of the day, blogging can give us a little or more happiness and makes us a positive person. It makes us strong and inspires us which leads to happiness and self contentment.

So guys, keep blogging, enjoy tiny things in life and stay happy, healthy and blessed!

Love you all!


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13 thoughts on “Blogging Happiness

  1. Ultimate goal for each of us is happiness, but very few know that happiness is our real nature . It has nothing to do with the physical world.


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    1. I have already read and feel like commenting again , because it’s my favorite topic.

      As you know my approch towards life. Yes it’s spiritual.

      Knowing the self and its inherent property is nothing but happiness.

      Once you know your bundle of happiness then what ever you do is fun hence you are not searching happiness in the act or its outcome. Then entire life is fun.

      You are not dependent on any external factor for happiness, but you feel happiness within for no reason.

      No doubt connecting with people knowing them understanding life on greater canvas of world is amazing and makes your horizon bigger than ever.

      People don’t believe in judging you rather shower the appreciation we lack in real life.

      You said it right , being contented makes you to relish life here and now and you start enjoying little little things.

      I would request you to write more often on inspiration you’re very good indeed.

      Have wonderful day and ahead night…

      Many more dreams to fulfilled …

      Haha haaa..

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      1. I know for sure that this is your favourite topic Nish.. I love your responses on the matter as you are so full of spirituality and positivity.. Thanks always for sharing your valuable approach towards life.

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  2. really true. I have this blog for almost a year now.. but I have just started to post regularly from this month. And this makes me happy. IDK th science behind it, but probably writing what you are thinking can help you stay happy. 🙂

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    1. Yes my dear… thinking and writing at the same time could be very satisfying. It helps us to release the positive and negative both out of us. Positive to help us feel contended and to inspire others and negative to cleanse our thoughts to make us feel better and fresh.

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