soft blue eyes with no fake lashes

lips so pink beating any gloss

smile so genuine, felt deep within

long hair kissing her shoulders softly

as I look at her, praising her beauty

I end up telling myself all the time

could anything be more stylish ever

more stylish than her simplicity


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7 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. Nice, natural beauty is best. Especially in children. I would never allow my children to wear make up out of the house until they were teenagers…then, of course, the rules had to be loosened a bit. They could dress up and primp with it at home, but not outside. I detest beauty contests where women doll up their little girls to look like they are seductive adult women….it is a terrible thing to do to a child…robbing them of their childhood and innocence and making them believe that their natural beauty is not enough.

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    1. Yes my dear Charlene. I so connect with your words here. I never want my children to wear make up. They are beautiful the way they are and their simplicity is their richness. The innocence of a person reveals their most stylish side. Thank you for reading. So happy to learn your views.


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