It’s been 4 months and 20 days into the blogging world. In this time, I have seen and learnt many things about people and their blogging way. I have tried to understand other people’s perspectives, I have learnt many new things about different places and cultures, have seen stunning photography and read beautiful poems and articles.

During this amazing journey, I have seen the following kind of bloggers –

  1. Who are already considered successful.
  2. Who have reached a stage where they can relax a little for they know, they are doing reasonable and will reach the stage where they call themselves successful.
  3. The ones who are still struggling to understand their way to the success.

Now, when I think deep, I ask myself that it is even important to be a successful blogger? And what exactly would success mean here in the world of blogging?

Then I tried to answer the question myself. Here, there is nothing like being successful or not successful. All that matters here is to be a Strong Blogger. The one who keeps writing and fighting, the one who offers help to others when they need it, the one who can inspire others with his/her posts, the one who is daring to write the truth and is bold enough to face criticism, the one who is influential the positive way, the one who is writing for a cause, the one who is trying to create awareness, the one who is taking out time to appreciate others and encourage them.

This deep insight encouraged me to create the Blogger’s Pool which extends appreciation and support that all of us need. A place where we can meet other beautiful bloggers and appreciate their work.

Today, I want to take pride in saying that I want to be a  STRONG BLOGGER. I want to spread happiness around. I want to find out a way to connect people to each other. I just want to support everyone around with my words. My Strength is my Success!

Do you also feel that it’s the best way to blog! Please leave your comments to express your views.


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35 thoughts on “Strong Bloggers & what Success means to them

  1. I found u as a strong blogger,one r other time everyone fades away and at the last who is remaining I feel that he is the strongest one,who didn’t go with the wind.

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  2. this is the best of the Soul(you carry I knew…..strong,brave,innoviative,teacher,guide,friend…….success is what we feel inside not outside world,when we are happy and know what we are doing is helping others see this world a bit different we are then successful……as I came here at wordpress ,I had and have only one way to go it was to express not impress,never got thinking will others like me,my writing….I was only exploring what is in me and putting them on the laptop sometimes mobile screen with the keyboard helping my finger to write what my heart feels…..good to get followers ,good feeling to be praised but the real me should not be lost in outer world. MEETING OTHER SOULS is not accidental,we are sending vibes from these words which are our thoughts and the one with same vibes attract ….sorry about sometimes we tend to go contradictory (in my case you may think I am against someone ,so let me tell you honestly because I am not that educated as you all sometimes my words may mean different from what I say)…I am a good obedient student of life (teacher) so I will try and go on improving.
    Thank you once again for been so very helpful to we all.

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    1. After speaking to you in the morning, your encouragement gave me inspiration to write this one. I get to learn so much about my own self when I look deeper. Yes, we are strong when we know ourselves. Thank You Pawan.. I always admire you

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  3. It’s so true and very inspiring. Inspire, motivate, help I guess these are the main reasons we are here. Writing is a therapy helping ourselves and helping the rest in the process which also means letting ourselves to be helped by others. 🙂

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  4. Not a truer statement to what success is I believe 🙂 to love what you do, to do it strongly and with a purpose. You do all of that mySestina, and you do it well. Every morning my feed is filled with your dedicated posts, and I really do look forward to them. Thank you for all of the opportunities you create for us- I appreciate you immensely and already see you as a strong blogger 🙂

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    1. Dearest Fioza, WE are strong and it is because we are together and we support each other. It gives us happiness and to spread and share it is the quality that we have in us. All of us. Your kind words encourage me and I stand bold and strong my dear. How could I ever thank you enough. Loads of Love my dear!

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  5. No matter what we write, how we write, we should keep writing.. After writing shit for few days we will inculcate skills.. this is what I do.. The true spirit lies within ourselves.. Read others, respect others, this is how blogging grows..

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    1. Yes my dear.. writing is beautiful when it comes from the heart and when it is original… must we keep writing and never give up, no matter what… Thanks a lot for your beautiful comments.

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  6. What an amazing post! You definitely are a strong blogger…and I hope to be one too! 😊 It’s not always easy to put ideas together into writing, and then the courage to publish it open to feedback and criticisms from all kinds of people…but when you’re able to inspire or motivate a single soul, it’s all worth it! ☺

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  7. Glad to know your motto behind blogging. I always appreciate your fighting spirit. The way you handle comments. You’re are already successful I believe.

    Any way wishing you all the very best for your intentions to help others and bring positive change through your writing.

    I hope I have reserved my seat in first row of your loyal readers .

    Inspired after reading your motivation post.

    All the best

    Have lovely evening.

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