to the Land of Fantasy

to the Land of Fantasy

I wish the moon to jump its way

I wish the sun to cool down for a while

I wish the stars to come a little closer

I wish to see a little magic in the sky

I wish the rainbow to change its colors

I wish the clouds to form a palace

I wish the rain to bathe us of divinity

I wish the ocean to shine too bright

I wish the birds to learn to swim

I wish the trees to walk a bit

I wish the mountains to bow for once

I wish the fish to learn to fly

all of this and much much more

a list of my wishes somehow eternal

to make them come true for even once

guess I need to travel to the world another

the world another, a world impossible

travel my way the Fantasy land


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Apologies & Gratitude

Apologies & Gratitude

Hi everyone!

Today I am writing to apologize to all of you. I have not been reading your blogs lately. In fact I have not been reading at all. There is a lot going on at my end and that is keeping me away from my love of reading and writing.

I have not been writing anything new except for the daily prompts and have only been posting my previously published posts. There seem to be dullness in the air around and nothing seems to be moving. All I am doing now a days on WP is scheduling a few of my older posts and replying back to your beautiful comments. There had been a death in the extended family and that too has its effect showing. Not feeling too well in terms of health and need to get a few things checked at the medical center.

Despite all the above, I am pushing myself to keep going. And believe me, YOU have helped me so much with that. I am sure you know that I am not reading your blogs at all now a days, still you all are reading all the previous posts that I schedule to be published. All you beautiful souls are liking and commenting to praise my posts and encouraging me to write more. Your love is pure as no one has come back telling me that I am not reading their posts. I have always said and felt during my blogging journey that support is the key that opens the doors to our success and connection with each other. With tears in my eyes, I want to accept that I have not been too much of a support to you guys lately. I have failed for a while and YOU are still supporting me. I feel that you all understand me so well now. I am sure this phase in my life will go and I will get back on track soon. I will be back in action, reading and enjoying your beautiful posts and giving my thoughts on the same.

Thank you all. I wish there were few more beautiful words in my dictionary to tell you how much your support and love means to me and how you have helped me always.


I am the Magic Myself

I am the Magic Myself



I can make the rain to fall

I can make the forest to dance

I can make the sun to feel shy

I can make the wind to hide

I can change the color of the moon

I can make the mountain to bow

I can make the storm to melt

I can make the rainbow turn golden

I can make your blood colorful

I can turn a demon to an angel

I can match the speed of a shooting star

I can vanish all the moon’s scars

Believe me …

I can do magic… I am an Artist

I am – the magic myself


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A Tiny Portion of something BIG

A Tiny Portion of something BIG

staring stunned at the stars in the sky

imagining the size of the universe infinite

questioning values of my little existence

amazed, I thought to myself

I am a tiny portion of something big

sitting at the beach, watching the ocean endless

looking at the waves showing no mercy

rising to heights, reaching the sky

amazed, I thought to myself

I am a tiny portion of something big

closing my eyes as I got ready to pray

imagining the power of true God divine

sensing his masterly manner to run this world

amazed, I thought to myself

I am a tiny portion of something big

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Hope in Pain

Hope in Pain

a butterfly curious
once asked the rose
o my dear, would you tell me
does it hurt
to give away your sweet nectar
does it hurt
when I fly away from you

the rose blushed, replied
o my pretty lady
when you touch me, my colors glow
I am sweeter
when you taste my sweetness

you flying away from me, makes me dream
leaves me a hope
that you shall come back
that you will touch me again

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#hope #poetry

The Fence of Hatred

The Fence of Hatred

hungry of dominance

greedy for power

the chess of politics – creating barriers

brothers made to raise their swords 

against their own brothers

parting the motherland

making her bleed, scream with pain

building a fence of hatred

dividing the country into two

ripping it off, of its richness

making the culture die

scratching its heritage

with its sharp nails of cruelty

forcing the humanity to die

the chess of politics

playing its game

leaving us shameless 


the chess of politics

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#poetry #politics 

The Fake Sun

The Fake Sun

I dare to urge the fire today

the fire that presents itself to grow

glow like a shining star in the sky

revealing the colors red, orange, yellow

I dare that fire to come out with the truth

the truth I have seen everyday of my life

why does the fire choose to settle and calm

where does it go, who it burns in the night

is it scared of the dark, is it afraid of the bats

why the burning fire changes from orange to black

I dare the fire to make me understand

what makes it change its face everyday

why the burning Sun give up its flames

why does it every night


into the Moon

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Trust – an integral part of our lives. Trust binds us all. A child trusts her mother and father, a father trusts his son, a brother trusts his siblings, we trust our relatives and friends. Just imagine, how we trust a stranger completely when we have lost our way to a place. Seeing a child sleeping in peace because she knows that her mother is around and she can trust her to keep herself safe is amazing. It is one thing that holds us and stays deep within us. Not only the humans, even the animals trust each other.

I trust myself to keep your trust

I trust myself to have trusted you

I trust I have done the right thing

I trust this trust between me and you

Trust is a beautiful feeling that can give us peace of mind. It can build relationships and can spread happiness. Trust keeps the anxiety away and make us feel stress free. Trust keeps us human.

Let us try to not break anyone’s trust. If they have trusted us, they have given us the key to their happiness. The chance to keep someone’s trust and the shine in their eyes to see their trust being well handled is priceless.




Trust me.. You got to trust yourself and you shall be able to keep other’s trust… always..


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