Hi everyone!

Today I am writing to apologize to all of you. I have not been reading your blogs lately. In fact I have not been reading at all. There is a lot going on at my end and that is keeping me away from my love of reading and writing.

I have not been writing anything new except for the daily prompts and have only been posting my previously published posts. There seem to be dullness in the air around and nothing seems to be moving. All I am doing now a days on WP is scheduling a few of my older posts and replying back to your beautiful comments. There had been a death in the extended family and that too has its effect showing. Not feeling too well in terms of health and need to get a few things checked at the medical center.

Despite all the above, I am pushing myself to keep going. And believe me, YOU have helped me so much with that. I am sure you know that I am not reading your blogs at all now a days, still you all are reading all the previous posts that I schedule to be published. All you beautiful souls are liking and commenting to praise my posts and encouraging me to write more. Your love is pure as no one has come back telling me that I am not reading their posts. I have always said and felt during my blogging journey that support is the key that opens the doors to our success and connection with each other. With tears in my eyes, I want to accept that I have not been too much of a support to you guys lately. I have failed for a while and YOU are still supporting me. I feel that you all understand me so well now. I am sure this phase in my life will go and I will get back on track soon. I will be back in action, reading and enjoying your beautiful posts and giving my thoughts on the same.

Thank you all. I wish there were few more beautiful words in my dictionary to tell you how much your support and love means to me and how you have helped me always.


54 thoughts on “Apologies & Gratitude

  1. First, I would like to say sorry for the loss in your family. I pray God helps you and your extended family members to get over this passing. Second, you have not failed in anyway… and you don’t have to apologise to anyone for not reading their blogs. Third, your post is so very relatable with my position at the moment… the fact that I have not been so involved with the blogging activities in the community, yet, get my ardent supporters coming over to show love to me is very much appreciated. Infact, I am amazed that some souls are just too kind and lovable.

    I share in your sentiments here. And I can understand the exigencies of life sometimes are just too overwhelming. Pressures from different spheres can change the games for us and we fail to reach our set goals for a certain cause. We perform less while trying to ‘adjust’ to the new setup and garner time to bounce back to the original status quo. Deep in our hearts, we wish we could maintain our usual routines… but life sometimes stands in the way.

    My Dear, health is wealth and so important to check on from time to time. So, if your body needs a break, get it and get well and then return. You are a great blogger churning out great works that I admire alot. And you are a great support to many bloggers here. I have said it before, I appreciate you and if you need time to attend to ‘YOU’, I believe many will understand your absence in their blogs. Hope you get things sorted out in good time so we don’t miss your presence for too long.

    Sending you strength and energy to pull through the ‘odd’ times. Much love Sister! God be with you! 🙂 🙂

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    1. I am speechless! Such a beautiful way to express your emotions towards me. You have said it all in just a few words! I gain my strength back through your loving words and I feel energized already. Thinking of such amazing support from you and my dear fellow bloggers brings back life to me. I feel blessed already my dear. Thank you so much always my dear Sister!

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      1. You’re most welcome. Yes, you are blessed and with an amazing talent too which some of us enjoy. 🙂 Looking forward to your return with fresh and great write-ups. Sending you big hugs for a nice weekend. Xx

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  2. Hi Zigyasa didi, first of all a very warm good afternoon to you. I can understand how you must have been going through in a while, but I really want you to take care of yout health. And no we do not feel bad when you can not read our posts, because we know if you do you do you do it sincerely. 🙂

    So not need to apologixze for this, but yes you will have to promise us that you will take care of yourself. 🙂

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  3. You didn’t fail at all, and you don’t have to apologize in any way. I’m sorry to hear someone in your family passed away, and Want to express my condolences. Sad that You Are not feeling healthy too. i Wish You may recover soon, just carevof yourself and be confident. Everything is Going to be all right. All the best

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  4. Your health is more important to me than having you read my posts Zigyasa – look after yourself first, I will wait for your return and in the meanwhile I will send thought of peace, health and happiness and you will be in my daily meditations. With Metta, Andy

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