Trust – an integral part of our lives. Trust binds us all. A child trusts her mother and father, a father trusts his son, a brother trusts his siblings, we trust our relatives and friends. Just imagine, how we trust a stranger completely when we have lost our way to a place. Seeing a child sleeping in peace because she knows that her mother is around and she can trust her to keep herself safe is amazing. It is one thing that holds us and stays deep within us. Not only the humans, even the animals trust each other.

I trust myself to keep your trust

I trust myself to have trusted you

I trust I have done the right thing

I trust this trust between me and you

Trust is a beautiful feeling that can give us peace of mind. It can build relationships and can spread happiness. Trust keeps the anxiety away and make us feel stress free. Trust keeps us human.

Let us try to not break anyone’s trust. If they have trusted us, they have given us the key to their happiness. The chance to keep someone’s trust and the shine in their eyes to see their trust being well handled is priceless.




Trust me.. You got to trust yourself and you shall be able to keep other’s trust… always..


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18 thoughts on “T R U S T

    1. Yes my dear friend.. If someone breaks our trust, it hurts bad.. That’s why I wish to encourage myself and everyone to keep other’s trust. If everyone is trying, then no one would be in pain.. Wish we could have such a wonderful world…

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  1. I love the feeling of being trusted. 2 of my children as small toddlers loved to jump off tables trusting we’d catch them. Our cavalier dog jumps into our arms, sometimes to steal our treat or coffee, trusting we will catch him even if we have to drop what we’re holding. Our cats & rats stretch and lean trusting we will re balance to keep them safe. I so so love being trusted; it is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

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