hungry of dominance

greedy for power

the chess of politics – creating barriers

brothers made to raise their swords 

against their own brothers

parting the motherland

making her bleed, scream with pain

building a fence of hatred

dividing the country into two

ripping it off, of its richness

making the culture die

scratching its heritage

with its sharp nails of cruelty

forcing the humanity to die

the chess of politics

playing its game

leaving us shameless 


the chess of politics

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#poetry #politics 

20 thoughts on “The Fence of Hatred

  1. The ironic thing about politics is that the government treats us as if we are pawns in their games. But unknowingly they didn’t know that being the king piece has lots of disadvantages that are consequentially heavy. In all truth, I think they mistaken the citizens as pawns when we are queen because we are the most powerful.

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  2. I am thankful you speak truth to politics. Your poem speaks of the struggles of India and Pakistan and many other parts of the world. Your poems remind us we are all connected. Each act of violence hurts us all. Blessings my friend.🙂

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