Do you feel that blogging has changed you?

Well, it certainly must have changed many of us positively in following ways –

  1. We start to feel to be positive in our approach towards things.
  2. We become more receptive of new ideas and thoughts.
  3. We improve upon our knowledge and experience reading our fellow blogger’s wonderful posts.
  4. We tend to utilize our time effectively by blogging and connecting to wonderful people around the world.
  5. We become supportive and determined to offer help to our fellow bloggers.
  6. We become emotionally attached to our fellow bloggers and it is amazing to have their support when we are in need.
  7. We find a better way to express all our thoughts and emotions through our blogs.
  8. We have a feeling of contentment to be heard and accepted by our fellow bloggers. It gives us great pleasure to learn that we are surrounded by like minded people.
  9. We feel powerful when we speak against negative things like terrorism, sexual abuse, gender inequality and much more. Does that make us a social activist? It is an indeed an honor.
  10. We can officially call ourselves a writer and that is a matter of great pride for us.

Isn’t it a list long enough! Do you want to add more to the above points.. please go ahead.

Cheers to blogging.. Keep blogging!

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39 thoughts on “10 ways Blogging has Changed Us

  1. Yes blogging is amazing, thanks for your faithfulness to the pastime, one which provokes the rest of us to put it into perspective, be appreciative. You are thoughtful and encompassing others.

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  2. No doubt along with blogging I have grown up , I feel it’s just start , I have just seminate the seed, will come up as huge tree , along with fruits for life.

    Definitely if you are creative then your energy is flowing in respectable path that can further takes you to the better destination to arrive .


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  3. The great feeling of making friends with other fellow bloggers who are around the world is the best. Just communicating with them via wordpress is a great way to get to know them.

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  4. To add to the list from my exprecience
    1) it makes me more calm and measured.
    2) wiser by reading and commenting on others blog
    3) more appreciative of others work because i know the effort involved.
    4) open to a wealth of ideas
    5) able to read and see diffirent writing style
    6 feel like i am miving forward in life
    7 ) i am not a natural writer this a great way to get the habit
    8) opening share my thoughs as you know the reader is open minded
    9?) Wp community of writer are the best

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