When I read the news and learn about what people are facing in Syria and many other terror struck countries, I feel blessed. I pray to God to give peace to every soul on earth and I thank him for keeping me safe. Isn’t it a big thing to be happy about? We can actually find happiness when we stop to look at the grass and if it seems greener on the other side or our own side.

We are blessed with so many things in our life. Things that we know are there but still never acknowledge. Instead, we keep running after something new, something to excite us more, something to give us happiness. But, do we ever achieve that happiness? Even when we get what we wanted, we tend to set new goals and start running after them rather than enjoying what we achieved.

How do we make ourselves satisfied and have contentment? The key is – Appreciation. When we start to appreciate what we have, we start to feel satisfied and happy from within. Appreciating the fact that we have a beautiful family, the fact that we have enough to survive and to lead a regular life, the fact that the sun never fails to shine and give us warmth, the fact that we have a roof on our heads, the fact that we are still far better off than many others.

Let’s Appreciate Life!

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24 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. This is great my friend. People don’t appreciate anything until they don’t have it anymore, or until someone else wants. But, when you see someone without it truly does make you thankful you do have it. We should appreciate life being blessed to wake up is a gift. Even I didn’t appreciate it at one point. Lessons to be learned. My great grandmother use to say if you don’t life it has already learned you. Meaning things about life you don’t pay attention to it has paid attention to everything about you. That is why things happen life knows how strong you are it is trying to teach you who you are

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    1. I am so glad that to hear your thoughts my dear.. We only learn to appreciate when we see other lacking them. The true happiness lies within us and in appreciating the things that we have already.. Thanks a lot. You are so kind.

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  2. As I was telling my daughter to prepare her for a very harsh school topic; If you believe there is something after life then death is not the end for those people. We must fight for everyone to have a good life and try to stop all premature deaths, but we cry for we who are left behind because of the pain of separation. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say!

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