Pain makes us.. who we are

Pain.. sometimes I wonder why are we so scared of it. We are driven to move in the opposite direction. Pain is considered to be a negative in our lives. Today, I am going to talk a little about pain and the tears that it brings and also its effect on us.

Pain, is painful. No doubts. Everyone has gone through sufferings in their lives for some reason. Loosing a person we love, getting hurt in love, not getting enough from someone we love dearly, failures in terms of studies, career, loosing a job, struggle to get fame etc.

But, have we realized one thing? Pain, struggle, suffering and failures are so important in our lives. I have seen people becoming strong enough to face the most difficult times as they have tasted the suffering. Struggle, polishes our souls to not give up and keep trying.

There are people, although a few of them, who are born worthy. They have money, comforts, love and everything they need, is just a click away from them. They, don’t even know what struggle is, how is it like to be suffering, how does it feel to be in pain. I personally feel that when they are presented with struggle in their lives, they tend to loose their heart easily.

Here is an example. I was born in 70s in a middle class family. We, as children didn’t know the meaning of luxury. It was a dream to sit in a car in those times. We struggled through life to achieve what we have today. While growing up, we pushed our limits to be in a better position and without a doubt we suffered as well. I even lost a family member at an early age and honestly speaking, I was too young to understand the loss. But while growing up, I missed that person in each possible way. It had an impact on the monetary condition, emotional security, social pressure and a lot more. I always used to think that had I not lost that dear member of my family, things would have been much better and different.

Now, in my late 30s, I realize that I am a much stronger person today. I have seen all kind of struggle in my life. I have born pain to a great extent and that has made me kind of ready for it whenever it chooses to knock on my door the next time. Our experiences change us and polish us to be who we turn out to be.

And hence, I am glad today to have born pain my life. I am glad today to have faced struggle throughout. I still miss my dearest family member whom I lost and nothing can ever fill that gap, yet I am glad that I decided to fight and took the situation in a positive way to make me believe in myself. I now feel that I can face any damn situation in my life and I am ready to learn more from the experiences to come my way through this journey of life.

A survivor, a warrior…

Let me know what you think!

mySestina life journey of pain.


27 thoughts on “Pain makes us.. who we are

  1. I think you are very accurate. We are all dealt a certain amount of pain through our lives that will eventually help us help.other people that go through the same pain we did . It helps us to learn and to teach. Lovely post. Hope your alright lovely!

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    1. Yes my dear.. Thanks a lot for your valuable comment here. It is important for us to bear pain to be strong and we must make the most out of it.
      I am fine my dear and I really want to thank you for your kind concern.

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      1. Always a pleasure to read your blogs. And much appreciated to see a familiar blogger stopping by at such an early time in the uk. Keep smiling x

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  2. Pain and suffering is what shapes me as a person today. I could not have been proud of who I am and what I have become. I feel that without the painful experiences that I went through, I would not have learn so much valuable lessons to this day. I am truly grateful for that.

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  3. What a great piece. I agree that we do need pain in our lives or some suffering. I’ve known some people that had life handed to them on a silver platter and when they had to actually do adult things they crashed because they didn’t know how to struggle. Where as I come from the bottom of the totem pole. I don’t know what it’s like to have wealth and not really struggle. Which motivates me to have a better life and not have to struggle in the future

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    1. True my dear. Our struggle makes us strong without a doubt and prepares us for all the challenges of life. If we haven’t seen it then we become vulnerable at some stage pf our lives. Thanks a lot for your comment here. I am glad you could grasp my thoughts so well.

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  4. Yes pain is a part of life. Though to be honest, I could do without the pain that hit us this year… 🙂
    I’d rather remember my mother’s teachings. My grandfather was a blue-collar railroad man. And my mother used to say: “When I was little, we had no money, but we were not poor.” 🙂 I think that whatever the experience, pain or joy, what matters is how you relate with the experience. How you face it. And some pains are very hard to face. 🙂
    But I hope pain was not the reason you stepped out of the Blogosphere.
    Welcome back again.

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