I am not what they think I am

I am not what they think I am

I am not what they think I am

I am much more

I am a soul

I have a heart

I feel pain

I have desires

I am not just what they think I am

I am much more

I am someone, in Love


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My Life isn’t Perfect

My Life isn’t Perfect

walking through the deserts – I burnt my skin

crossed the forests for miles – I climbed up the tallest of trees

there were oceans on my way

I crossed them swimming with the whales

from the top of the hills – I jumped many times 

many years I have spent – I have come far enough

my life hasn’t been perfect – I must accept

still it keeps me going – it never stops

and that’s one thing – I love about my life


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LOVE is the CURE for ALL


LOVE is the RITUAL must we FOLLOW

LOVE is the HUNGER deep within US

LOVE is the COLOR must we BATHE in

LOVE is the SUGAR sweetest of ALL

LOVE is the BITE must we SWALLOW

LOVE is the DIVINE pulling us from SINS

LOVE is the UNIVERSE we are a PART of




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The Garland of Diamonds

The Garland of Diamonds

stars wore a garland of diamonds

holding the beads they danced in the sky

were they happy or they were crying

I couldn’t decide as they shed snow flakes

a union of sparkle and of those white tears

images were formed as my eyes could witness

one after the other they changed in the sky

a mother singing a lullaby to her new born

sisters playing and laughing together

a son burying the coffin of his father

two lovers looking into each other’s eyes

such a sight I may never see again

all emotions being played one after the other

all that I could strongly feel in that moment

I lived a full life that night

just by looking into the sky


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Good or the Deadly

Good or the Deadly

Driven by our will

blessed with the power of the brain

each one of us is a warrior

fighting our own way

only one thing needs to be realized

if we are giving ourselves

for the GOOD or the DEADLY


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A Living Hell

A Living Hell

politics driven in the name of religion

countries being broken

the world divided into bits & pieces

communities pushed to demand autonomy greater

leaving the humanity wounded, bleeding to death

a few kings ruling the rest of the millions

gripping the power, never let it to leave their hands

feeding youth to walk against their own will

pushing them to shed blood, feasting on it

a dirty, rotten game of the thrones

played in the dark by the darkest of the minds

building up a hell on this very earth

rather, making the earth itself

a living Hell

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my Poems

my Poems

they are my addiction

my fascination, my imagination

they are my confessions

my praise, my pride

they are my love

my hatred, my genuineness

they are my work

my leisure, my pleasure

they are my rage

my anger, my revolt

they are my fear

my trembling, my panic

they are my desire

my passion, my beauty

my poems

they make me live

they make me die too


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when I turn fifty

when I turn fifty


when I turn fifty

I wonder sometimes

how would I see the world

with the same eyes of mine

my bones would be fragile

wrinkles would emerge on my skin

would I need a few pills to sleep

would I still relish delicious cuisines

then I tell myself

when I turn fifty

I would rather travel the world

I would taste the best wine around

I would laugh to make people laugh

I would spread love and positivity

no, I wouldn’t be fragile or weak

my heart would still be young

when I turn fifty


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will you take me the way I am

will you take me the way I am

I am not perfect

but then no one is

with my own flaws

many of them

still I carry something

that’s beautiful

it is my love for you

that’s true forever

growing with each passing moment

so tell me my love

will you excuse my flaws

for my love too deep for you

will you take me the way I am


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One More Time

One More Time

wrinkled bed sheet

red lipstick on the pillow

hair undone

clothes on the floor

shoes lying unpaired

two glasses of wine 

one empty

another containing a few more sips

casually lying omega on the side table

music system stuck with a track

naked bodies curled together

eyes a little puffy for lack of sleep

lips smiling kissing each other

welcoming love

with a beautiful morning

to repeat last night’s experience

readying to make love

one more time


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my falling Tears

my falling Tears

wish, I could hide my face in your arms

wish, you held me close against your chest

wish, your broad shoulders could give me some rest

wis,h your lips had kissed my forehead

wish, your fingers had caressed my hair

wish, your gentle touch had made me feel safe

wish.. I really wish

you cared a little

of my falling tears


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Frozen Tears

Frozen Tears

his tears haven’t dried

they have frozen


is from Antarctica

ironically funny


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