politics driven in the name of religion

countries being broken

the world divided into bits & pieces

communities pushed to demand autonomy greater

leaving the humanity wounded, bleeding to death

a few kings ruling the rest of the millions

gripping the power, never let it to leave their hands

feeding youth to walk against their own will

pushing them to shed blood, feasting on it

a dirty, rotten game of the thrones

played in the dark by the darkest of the minds

building up a hell on this very earth

rather, making the earth itself

a living Hell

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18 thoughts on “A Living Hell

  1. Politics is a oldest profession of universe . Inevitable !

    Right way of dealing with politics is the Lord Krishna way. His Holiness he was from head to toe in politics but untouched.

    Similarly buddha, christ every body faced politics in their life .

    Sad but part of life.

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      1. True, those people are part of our society the way we forgive our self for our wrong doings , difficult but can try to ignore them.

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