when I turn fifty

I wonder sometimes

how would I see the world

with the same eyes of mine

my bones would be fragile

wrinkles would emerge on my skin

would I need a few pills to sleep

would I still relish delicious cuisines

then I tell myself

when I turn fifty

I would rather travel the world

I would taste the best wine around

I would laugh to make people laugh

I would spread love and positivity

no, I wouldn’t be fragile or weak

my heart would still be young

when I turn fifty


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42 thoughts on “when I turn fifty

  1. Live report: I turn 50 next month. Fragile bones: not really, but little injuries take much longer to heal. Wrinkles: yes. A few pills to sleep: not a few, just one every now and then. Cuisines: yes, relished. Travel the world/best wines: I could, but I have a son in college and three more kids headed that way (so ironically I can’t afford it). Weak: no, I go to the gym more than ever and I’m in, I think, the best shape of my life. Heart still young: absolutely not, I’ve grown more cynical over the years, less trusting of others. It’s hard not to.

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    1. Beautiful… just wow.. Now I can.imagine in a much better shape than I thought earlier. You inspire me by sharing your experiences and thoughts. Just wonderful. I am so glad that you shared them with us.. Happy Birthday in advance to you.. Golden 50 to you.. I am still smiling

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  2. Oh! I remember fifty – that was a few years ago 😉 Since then I have travelled extensively, written some of my best stuff (i think) tasted some magnificent wines, eaten the best Moules et frites on the streets of Paris, become a way better skateboard rider, continued to love my wife and (just turned 30) son and have every intention of doing all of the above for many years to come. You will still be beautiful Zigyasa and hopefully still writing as prolifically 🙂

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    1. You have no idea how glad I am to learn how happily you are celebrating life. I guess age may just be a number. I am inspired to do all the good things at 50.. Thank you Andy. You are truly amazing ..

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  3. I used to think that 50 was old. I would jokingly say to my friends that I will ask to be “put down” (used of word intended) then. I’m about 5 1/2 years away from it. I can’t even bear to wear “old” people clothes. Shorts, mini skirt, kinda-tight (“kinda” because I can’t seem to lose the bit of weight gained a few years ago) dresses… It seems 70 at least would be my goal. 80 sounds too old. 90? No. Then again, we never know. One thing is for sure, we have lots of years ahead of us. We have books to publish. We have lots of travel stories and memories to share. We have people to make and friends to make. Years of living life to the fullest are ahead of us. Enjoy always.
    I love the poem!

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    1. I love your response here. There is one good thing about sharing what we write, and that is how every one else reacts to the same. It is just amazing to see everyone’s response because everyone is so full.of ideas and emotions harbor makes the original thought even more meaningful..

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      1. Another good we receive from writing and sharing, right? It is awesome. It’s such a blessing to have this community. I get so inspired by everyone, not necessarily just in writing but in living. As you and I reach 50, we’ll be more amazing than we already are and we will live accordingly, showing the world how fabulous 50/50 something is. 😊

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    2. What a great comment. I’m turning 51 tomorrow and feel better in myself than I did years ago. Can’t believe I ever thought of 50 as old. As clichéd as it sounds its so true that We’re only as old as we feel.

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      1. Miriam, I feel the same. The confidence that comes with age cannot be replicated in youth. It’s such a wonderful feeling, like we can do anything. The morbidity of death can wait. 😊

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