The Worst Pretend

The Worst Pretend

Do you see

brothers killing their own brothers..

Do you see the Guns


to protect the Humans

from Humans..


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They call them Guns

They call them Guns

complicated are those machines

they call them GUNS

I struggle

to understand their purpose

is it to help the man 

or to kill him


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Have you ever Fallen Prey to a Situation?

Have you ever Fallen Prey to a Situation?

Have you ever fallen prey of any situation?

There could be many situations in our lives which have great impact on us. Here I am talking about the negative impact. Especially, because we feel that we could have helped others or ourselves in that situation but we just couldn’t or we didn’t because we were in a state of shock or because it happened so quickly that we just failed to act fast enough to respond or to prevent it.

Here are a few examples of such situations :-

  1. When someone tries to harm you or someone else on the road.
  2. When someone is just trying to run away after snatching someone’s bag in front of your eyes.
  3. When someone is teasing a girl and you are right behind them.
  4. When someone bullying you and you just couldn’t respond.

Often these situations leave a deep impact on us. We tend to feel sick for not being able to respond at the right time. The impact could be strong enough to make people go through depression as well. It may fade away with time, but the sick feeling comes back the moment we think of the situation again or if we are reminded of the same in any way.

The question now is, how do we deal with this post situation trauma? Here are a few suggestions :-

  1. We must not feel responsible for other person’s wrong doings.
  2. It may be wrong to think that we had complete control over the situation. We just couldn’t help, which is OK.
  3. Let us give it some time. It is known to heal all wounds.
  4. Talk to your closed ones about how you feel. Venting it out will release some pressure.
  5. Try to keep yourself engaged so that you don’t think too much about the same.
  6. Listening to music will surely help.
  7. Try not to stay alone as much as you can. Good company can keep you away from thinking too much.

I have been through such situations in my life and they haunted me for a long time. This is something close to my heart.

Please feel free to share, what you think about how to get over with the negative impact of such situations!

Thank you for reading

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the Curse of Coma

the Curse of Coma

lying on that bed in the ICU

wires attached to every inch of my frame 

the continuous sound of the machines around me

that beep beep killed me every moment

I could see them all around

the nurses, the doctors who came to check on me

their discussions sounded so heartless

for them I was just another patient

the one with no hope of surviving

only a miracle would bring me back

they had told my mother, my father

I was dying, I so wanted to live

desperate to get up to wipe off their tears

how I cursed myself to be the reason 

to bring such pain for them to handle

I wanted to scream, I wanted to move

my helplessness laughed at me every moment

that day arrived, when I closed my eyes

even the ventilator couldn’t make me breathe anymore

that day when my soul left my broken bones

I promised myself never to go into Coma again


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I am a Poem

I am a Poem

words, just a few words
simple, no tough
mesmerising, describing
worthwhile, purposeful

words of enlightenment
words of wisdom
with wings reaching high
shining like sun

sometimes intense
at time easy
read through me
breathe my beauty

with purpose, with passion
imbibe me
I am – a POEM

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Failure made me Realize my Dream – mySestina

Failure made me Realize my Dream – mySestina

Failures are not our Weakness, Failures are our Weapon.. let me support it with my own story..

I applied for a few jobs sometime back and couldn’t get one for various reasons. The timings didn’t suit me, the pay was not as expected, long working hours that I couldn’t handle, a long distance to workplace and a lot more.

This failure of mine gave birth to mySestina and that is when I realized that I could write and had the potential to inspire myself as well as others in a positive way. It made me realize my true dream of Writing.

Today, when I look back, I realize that I would never have thought of writing and starting a blog if I got a job where I would have had to compromise in a lot many ways. This encourages me to praise my failure. Let me share how failure could help us in our lives :-

10 ways our failures can help us –

  1. Failures could be inspiring to rise and work harder to achieve our goals in life.
  2. We tend to learn our true potential when challenged by our failures.
  3. They add to our experience in life which is invaluable and prepare us to face hardships in future.
  4. Sometimes failures are necessary in order to achieve what we may not have thought of otherwise.
  5. Failure brings hope along with it.
  6. We tend to put in our energy in one direction to achieve our goal and hence we become more effective.
  7. Failures makes us strong and increases our capability to take on new challenges.
  8. Failures let us discover our true friends who never leave our side even in the testing times.
  9. Failure gives a meaning to our lives. Gives us a direction.
  10. Only after failing we realize the true value of success. We enjoy our success more and better after having failed earlier in doing something.

Hence my dear friends, may be failures are not our enemy.. they are those tough and strict teachers who make us work hard and let us sweat in order to polish us and prepare us for a successful future.

Wanna add more ? Please leave your comments !






Obsession – My Drug

Obsession – My Drug

my Obsession

is my Drug

I   Am

my own Obsession


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oh Dreams & the other State of Us

oh Dreams & the other State of Us

ambiguous lives, lived by the living

in twin states of being awake or dreaming

overwhelming yet secretive

intrigues us souls to discover the relevance

the genuineness or the forgery

of both the worlds we spend our breaths in

are we real with these eyelids shut

or the color with our eyes open, is faithful

a mystery to remain so, never to be revealed

oh dreams and the other state of us

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fill Me – with You

fill Me – with You

Will you be my smile, will you also be my tears

I need you to be my fragrance

I want you to be my odour

will you be the shine in my eyes, will you also be my sadness

I need you to make me fly

I want you to take my wings

will you teach me to love, will you also teach me carelessness

I need you to show me the path

I want you to block it sometimes

will you please give me company, will you also be my loneliness

I need you pamper me like a child

I want you to be my annoyance

Are you displeased my dear

are you surprised to see my wishes

are you wondering of the reason

of how could I be so stupid

Then let me tell you my love

I don’t wish to spare even a bit of me

I need you to be every side of me

be it good, be it ugly, be it happy, be it sad

I want you to, only YOU – to fill me

every portion of me

will you please my dear

will you please fill me – with You


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I Love you .. beyond Me

I Love you .. beyond Me

one day my dear.. one day

it will all happen

the day shall come

when I too will have a smile on my face

I too shall speak to the sun and the stars

flowers shall blossom to present me with their beauty

the birds shall sing as I would want them to

one day my dear.. one day

the rainbow shall appear as I would please

the rain will fall only on me

I shall jump with joy, I shall soak my soul

sweetness, shall drip off me 

one day my dear.. one day

that day when you shall be in my arms

when I will hold you forever

and shall speak out my heart

that day my dear.. that day

I shall tell you the secret I am yet to reveal

that I Love You beyond myself


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endless broken promises

endless broken promises

endless promises…

each one of them – broken 

was his gift to her..

Never did he fail

to present her with them


accepted them all

with a smile on her face


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Complete Me

Complete Me

would you give me your hand 

let me hold you today

let me come a little closer

let your glow shine in me

would you smile for me my dear

did you know you are my angel

your touch fills me with life

your voice is my favorite music

you hold all the power 

to bring the world to me

I fail to be without you

I just can’t be

would you promise to hold me forever

I urge you to complete me


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Nothing but a Psycho

Nothing but a Psycho

he broke me into pieces so small

I couldn’t recollect myself

even after years of mending

how deep I must have been pierced

how painful was my journey

thorns spread all over my path

and I wasn’t allowed any shoes

I bled the way so silent

no one knew of my suffering

I wouldn’t have cared if it was the whole world

but it was him – who snatched my soul

it was him – who made me who I am today

nothing by a Psycho


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The Scars

The Scars

in a calm serene night

the wind decided not to progress

trees stood in silence

welcoming the Moon

gleaming silver rays

traveled their way

to bathe the angels

nourishing them with purity

water in the lake glowed with shine

a sight so rich, so charming

it hid all the pain behind

& no one seemed to notice

the scars

on the face of the Moon

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