would you give me your hand 

let me hold you today

let me come a little closer

let your glow shine in me

would you smile for me my dear

did you know you are my angel

your touch fills me with life

your voice is my favorite music

you hold all the power 

to bring the world to me

I fail to be without you

I just can’t be

would you promise to hold me forever

I urge you to complete me


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34 thoughts on “Complete Me

  1. soundz like sumpin fun to try anyhew 🙂 would be would be yep yep 🙂 to have sumone fer eva huh? imagine dat huh! 🙂 lol ..well u do hehe… have fun wit ur 4 eva-ness – he be a lucky guy! .. have a splendid weekend … Q

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      1. ok.. I will give you and example – if I have written a post on dream, then i google “Dream Paintings” and I get a lot of images that I get to choose from… Hope this will help

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  2. You’re welcome. It’s really Beautiful and it feels Good to tell someone the truth about something that someone did, when that something was so good. Your words moved me and made me want to fall in love again… As if I was not falling in love almost every day!

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    1. Oh my God!! And here, your words have the inspiration to tell me to write more to make you feel good and fall in love everyday… How can I ever thank you enough in words… I am honoured.

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