Failures are not our Weakness, Failures are our Weapon.. let me support it with my own story..

I applied for a few jobs sometime back and couldn’t get one for various reasons. The timings didn’t suit me, the pay was not as expected, long working hours that I couldn’t handle, a long distance to workplace and a lot more.

This failure of mine gave birth to mySestina and that is when I realized that I could write and had the potential to inspire myself as well as others in a positive way. It made me realize my true dream of Writing.

Today, when I look back, I realize that I would never have thought of writing and starting a blog if I got a job where I would have had to compromise in a lot many ways. This encourages me to praise my failure. Let me share how failure could help us in our lives :-

10 ways our failures can help us –

  1. Failures could be inspiring to rise and work harder to achieve our goals in life.
  2. We tend to learn our true potential when challenged by our failures.
  3. They add to our experience in life which is invaluable and prepare us to face hardships in future.
  4. Sometimes failures are necessary in order to achieve what we may not have thought of otherwise.
  5. Failure brings hope along with it.
  6. We tend to put in our energy in one direction to achieve our goal and hence we become more effective.
  7. Failures makes us strong and increases our capability to take on new challenges.
  8. Failures let us discover our true friends who never leave our side even in the testing times.
  9. Failure gives a meaning to our lives. Gives us a direction.
  10. Only after failing we realize the true value of success. We enjoy our success more and better after having failed earlier in doing something.

Hence my dear friends, may be failures are not our enemy.. they are those tough and strict teachers who make us work hard and let us sweat in order to polish us and prepare us for a successful future.

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21 thoughts on “Failure made me Realize my Dream – mySestina

  1. I like this, well said. It is so true, failures can be our strengths. I think if we all would think like that life would be so much more enjoyable. I thank you for your posting, you really open others eyes for the good. Good job mySestina😉

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  2. That’s is how I agree with you. May be what we are expecting is not the out of our efforts that does not mean we are fail.

    Accepting the way life comes to you have great power to copeup with life.

    Seeing beauty in failure is an art to learn . If we go in deep and contemplate .

    Is there really anything called failure ?

    I am inspired by our endeavor.

    Wishing all the very best on your journey ahead.

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    1. Today I feel blessed not to get that job. I feel I have found a way to my dream. You said it right that it is indeed an art to see beauty in our failures. Thank you again Nisthur.. You are amazing!

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      1. Job can give you more monetary benefits but can’t bring that state of being ecstatic where you are today.

        May be you failed to express your feelings in words but I can feel them on the level of soul to soul .

        It’s your previous good karma that has brought a such beautiful day in life.

        Just be what you are ! You are beyond success and failure .

        As I have said earlier you are greater than success. Comparing self with success means limiting the self.

        Going on the path of success means limiting the infinite . Actually achieving success means demoting the self.

        Success means talking on the level of body and mind . Which has limitations.

        Being eternal means knowing the real self which is infinite , going beyond body and mind. Chasing success means being insecure and following security. To arrive at the stage where you feel secure . Following success means just thinking for survival may be being a king or being a beggar both have same state of mind.

        Beggar only think for his survival. I mean on body level. King may feel insecure and strive for survival that too on level of physical body may include luxury but again only body need luxury. King want to be bigger and better king. Beggar too look for alms for his and his family needs. Both are lacking trust in nature and it’s capacity to produce enough resources for thier survival.

        One who see him as tiny unit of entire creation see abundance of resources on this planet. One who understood his or her real self can think of going beyond body and mind. One who has realized his true self is leaving fearless life.

        Life that is beyond success and failure , wrong and right , ugly or Beautiful. Rich or poor. Intelligent or dumb. Male or female.
        Child or old. Hindu or muslim.

        One who understand life in its totality is beyond discrimination for him entire world is one single unit. For every living being planet having ample of resources.

        No one has taken my consent for my birth before my birth . No one is going to ask me whether I want to die now or not.

        Through out the life human keep on controlling external factors , but I don’t think so we can control anything except being spectator to our own desires and thoughts.

        Mind keep on playing with us on the basis of ligical data we have feed in it. Our mind keep on deciding happenings as success and failure , right or wrong , pleasure or aversion.

        Bigger the perspective is ,easier the life is , being self centered , being narrow mind makes us miserable , insecure .

        Through out life we keep on chasing external factors on the basis on predefined success definition. Have we ever contemplate on the definition of failure or success ?

        One who has one time food , acquiring 2 times meals is success. One who is richest will not be able to take away single penny with him.

        All resources which are available can be moved from one location to the other location but can’t be taken away from this planet. May be in future one could but as of now no one has taken away anything.

        The moment we try to raise bounderies of countries , state , family and individuals. We keep on claiming success in comparison with others. Since I have more than you I am successful.

        But if you understood that entire creation is like one human body.

        Can you claim my left eye is more successful than right eye. Or my heart is much more successful than my both kidneys. My ears are more successful than my nostrils.

        Human body need every thing to survive from head to toe or from hairs to nail every thing is equally successful in larger picture.

        In one organization from house keeping to CEO every body required to function in thier respective capacity. They function as unit . I have seen enjoying housekeeping his meals with equal pleasure the way CEO enjoys his lunch . Food gives equal satisfaction to them. I have seen people enjoying thier bicycle ride with immense pleasure they way people enjoy ride in BMW or in Mercedes.

        Walking bare foot can be enjoyed with equal way the way rich enjoy business class in aeroplane.

        Thoughts and predefined conditioning of mind plays with us in terms of success and failure.

        In nature from plant to birds and animals further human each one of us have equal role in the making of this world.

        Every nut of the most complex machine is required to function to give intent out come.

        If we separate each part of human body like nose, ear , eyes and keep it separate can we define which part is more Beautiful.


        Separating each part would be horrible and ugly . However if we combine each part then entire human body is beautiful.

        I have seen CEO of organisation is more stressed, they work with brain . House keeper labour depends on physical body. Both are essential both are successful. Both enjoy thier life in thier respective way.
        When house keeper leave this world goes empty handed . CEO too depart in similar way. Death takes away all differences. They become equally good ash.

        Each atom of this universe exhibits its own properties. Soil has its own beauty . Gold has its own . Soil can produce grains , vegetable and fruits, but we can’t make ornaments. Gold can’t produce food but we can wear it in our different parts. Gold can’t replace soil. Soil can’t replace gold.

        It’s our ego that does not allow us to think beyond body and mind. We keep on identifying our self with worldly tags that we are intelligent, educated , rich and so on.

        At last death takes away all success , education. Wealth we accumulate transfer to some body else. This phenomenon happening since mankind inception.

        We always miss larger picture and always focus and work in individual interest makes us insecure . We look for success and wealth for our survival.

        Transformation happens, when we go beyond survival and live fearless life.

        Things are interconnected , you may feel like I am going out of context . Think like God, Find God with and see God in everything else. We are greater than success. Why should we follow success. If success feel like following me i donot mind. Since success and failure has no impact in the world with in me. It’s shielded by knowledge.
        In ignorance we chase dreams. We are complete within.

        Each and every process of nature is giving lesson to us to live the stress free, struggle free , easy life need to pay attention .

        I believe it has become quite big comment. Please ignore or delete if you feel embrassing to keep in your comment section.

        Actually when I start writing . I had no idea where i am going to stop.

        I will post this comment as one of my post in immediate future.

        Your post is quite inspiring. My approach to your posts are beyond success and failure.

        Since I know you are by birth greater than success.

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      2. These are the words of a saint and I am honored to have such a beautiful comment on my post by you. You have truly raised a great point here and that is that we are beyond success and failure. I must say I am yet to reach that level. I hope I am able to do so soon. Thanks again Nisthur.. You truly are an inspiration.

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  3. In life, many tragedies have darkened my door. Each time, opportunity opened another. Whether it be failure, tragedy, or disappointment, we have the power to walk thru another door of hope. Thanks Sestina for this wonderful post.

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    1. Dear Sherrie, I am glad to learn your persistence to carry on and never give up in life. We sure do have the power to walk through the door of hope and determination. Thanks for sharing and all the best!

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  4. Thanks my dear Maria… always seeing hope when in darkness.. look at the better side to stay positive and making the most out of it. I am glad you liked the post.


  5. Yea I think you are right. Failures not only in general but failures of relationships too sometimes help you grow and reach where you never thought you could. Even my poetry reached here just bcoz of my need to divert the pain and vent out. Which was/is killing me. But reaching here I found myself on a new road of life. Very well written👍

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    1. Failing at anything even at relationships makes us grow strong and be a much more matured person. Great way to vent out feelings that kill us from the inside. You are absolutely right my dear… Cheers to your love for blogging!

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