Have you ever fallen prey of any situation?

There could be many situations in our lives which have great impact on us. Here I am talking about the negative impact. Especially, because we feel that we could have helped others or ourselves in that situation but we just couldn’t or we didn’t because we were in a state of shock or because it happened so quickly that we just failed to act fast enough to respond or to prevent it.

Here are a few examples of such situations :-

  1. When someone tries to harm you or someone else on the road.
  2. When someone is just trying to run away after snatching someone’s bag in front of your eyes.
  3. When someone is teasing a girl and you are right behind them.
  4. When someone bullying you and you just couldn’t respond.

Often these situations leave a deep impact on us. We tend to feel sick for not being able to respond at the right time. The impact could be strong enough to make people go through depression as well. It may fade away with time, but the sick feeling comes back the moment we think of the situation again or if we are reminded of the same in any way.

The question now is, how do we deal with this post situation trauma? Here are a few suggestions :-

  1. We must not feel responsible for other person’s wrong doings.
  2. It may be wrong to think that we had complete control over the situation. We just couldn’t help, which is OK.
  3. Let us give it some time. It is known to heal all wounds.
  4. Talk to your closed ones about how you feel. Venting it out will release some pressure.
  5. Try to keep yourself engaged so that you don’t think too much about the same.
  6. Listening to music will surely help.
  7. Try not to stay alone as much as you can. Good company can keep you away from thinking too much.

I have been through such situations in my life and they haunted me for a long time. This is something close to my heart.

Please feel free to share, what you think about how to get over with the negative impact of such situations!

Thank you for reading

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24 thoughts on “Have you ever Fallen Prey to a Situation?

  1. Spirituality is the master solution of all misery and sorrow of our life.

    I don’t know ? May be I am right.

    Else there millions of issues in every corner of life. It’s like rearranging entire clouds in the sky or try to calm down one by one each tide of the sea. Or try to count the stars in sky. Or any other teadeous job. But problems remains same in numbers or some times keep on increasing.

    You address one , thousand other add in existings.

    May be I am talking out of context.

    Where ever I go , people write about thier perceptions around the problems.

    There are very few who knows the master answer.

    Good night .

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    1. I guess I somehow missed this one. Sorry for the same. You are right in saying that spirituality is the best solution. I know we all talk about the problems and the ways around the same but we tend to.miss the root cause and we somehow do not observe the best solution. Problems will never end in lives and hence we must try to look out for the basic and the best solution by moving towards spirituality.. Thanks always for your amazing comments Nish…

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      1. It’s ok to be missed a few don’t ge sorry about this or anything you are very prompt and disciplined in replying that makes you stand apart from others.

        Yeah idea is to look for master solution then simply be the victim to day to day affairs of life.
        Thanks for your humble and kind words.

        You’re wonderful blogger.

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    1. Dear Sherrie.you are doing the right thing by staying positive. I guess that is what we all need to do. But of we are not able to do so, even then we must know that it is recoverable as you said. Thanks a lot for your valuable comments.

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  2. I once lived next door to someone, our friends, whose house was broken into during the night. There was a struggle, were the burglar had a knife, the burglar end up dead.

    We had much sadness and guilt because we hadn’t heard anything. Our friend asked us why we didn’t come as he was yelling for help from his front yard. We had fans on and hadn’t heard a thing- talk about guilt.

    It takes time to overcome, but we do. Whether of your spiritual or positive mind set- you can get through. Also talking to someone, whether friend or therapy. I have found writing is a great therapy too! There is much potential for healing. Great piece!! 😊

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    1. Writing indeed helps.. It sure is a therapy that can make us feel better in many possible ways. Talking about guilt only makes it less painful. Accepting it over a period of time makes a lot of difference in a positive way.. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience my dear!

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