ambiguous lives, lived by the living

in twin states of being awake or dreaming

overwhelming yet secretive

intrigues us souls to discover the relevance

the genuineness or the forgery

of both the worlds we spend our breaths in

are we real with these eyelids shut

or the color with our eyes open, is faithful

a mystery to remain so, never to be revealed

oh dreams and the other state of us

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18 thoughts on “oh Dreams & the other State of Us

  1. Entire life can be divided into three stages.
    1. Awake
    2. Dreams
    3.Deep sleep

    While we are awake and deep sleep we don’t have dreams. Wisdom lies in when we are just spectator in all three stages not doer. We just witness what is happening , consciously takes away all misery and pain.

    We are in eternal bliss. Untouched. you come cross such thing in your life…?

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