lying on that bed in the ICU

wires attached to every inch of my frame 

the continuous sound of the machines around me

that beep beep killed me every moment

I could see them all around

the nurses, the doctors who came to check on me

their discussions sounded so heartless

for them I was just another patient

the one with no hope of surviving

only a miracle would bring me back

they had told my mother, my father

I was dying, I so wanted to live

desperate to get up to wipe off their tears

how I cursed myself to be the reason 

to bring such pain for them to handle

I wanted to scream, I wanted to move

my helplessness laughed at me every moment

that day arrived, when I closed my eyes

even the ventilator couldn’t make me breathe anymore

that day when my soul left my broken bones

I promised myself never to go into Coma again


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26 thoughts on “the Curse of Coma

    1. I wish not to.. I just imagined how dark and sad would it be for people who go through it. Must be really painful.. I wish no one ever has to go through that situation in their lives.. May God bless each soul on the earth and in the universe.. Amen…

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      1. Amen to that. I can imagine that it would be extremely frustrating and heartbreaking for the person in the coma to be able to hear all this going on and not be capable of responding.

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    1. what a brilliant way to take it to the next level… I really want to thank you for shedding light on the learning from the same.. You are a beautiful soul Kamakhya ji… Have a great Sunday!

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  1. It’s fiction no doubt. But how do live those feeling while writing such painful story.

    My sestina can’t be such a painful soul.


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    1. Well, mySestina has a lot in store that makes her mySestina.. This one is fiction for me but not for many others.. I really wonder how painful is it for people who are able to understand what is happening around them but they hve zero control over it… Thanks a lot Nishtur.. I miss your comments soemtimes.. and believe me I feel happy and honored to get your views always on my work…

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      1. Yeah I know you are dynamic Writer and can write on any emotion with equal efficacy.

        But my concern was for you being individual you have to feel that pain to express in your words. I was concern for you as human.

        Yeah actually we are not having control on any thing but we claim that you can !.

        As far as my views on your posts are concerned. I have been really busy in past two weeks or so, but I will make up soon, commenting on your work is always pleasurable for me. I always enjoy being at your page .

        Wishing you all success as blogger and other facets of your life.

        All the very best. Wishing you lovely sunday evening .

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      2. How wonderful to receive your beautiful comment here. I must say I was missing it. You are a wonderful soul to have concern for me. I am blessed and hope that everyone stays blessed and that no one ever has to go through such trauma in their lives.. Thanks a lot again and you have a happy Sunday too…

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      3. Pleasure is always mine and I will surely mind sharing with others.

        Hehehe, just chill .

        Enjoy life , every moment what ever you do. It’s beautiful. Pay attention and relish it in detail.

        Have great time ahead.

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    1. Hello Roland… I just imagined the helplessness of a person who can see and understand everything around them but just can’t do anything about it… must be really painful.. I wish no one ever has to go through such trauma.. Thank you for reading. You are very kind!

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