the Size of my Dreams

the Size of my Dreams

must I push

my determination

to workout

without any rest


the size

of my dreams

is simply PHENOMENAL


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My Journey to Un-Die

My Journey to Un-Die

you killed me slowly

you made me die

every moment, each second of my life

I couldn’t scream

my voice didn’t help

I was silent all this while 

kept talking to myself

when it got too much

you never would change, I had learnt

you never would stop, making me bleed

to my wounds, you shall never pay heed

I then made my effort to collect myself

I started to sew all pieces of my soul

I wanted to become whole once again

I just wanted to live, my heart realized

must I say it wasn’t easy

I accept, it took me a while

but I had to do it, you left me no choice

it was then my dear, I inspired myself

with all my will, I started

my journey to Undie 


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The Song of Ice

The Song of Ice

let us sing today, the song of the ice

let the ice melt, flow down the hills

let it flow, with a force immense

let is cleanse, the filth on its way

let is fill, all the hearts with purity

let the water, fill the farms with freshness

let it fill, the lands with life

let it make love to the earth gently

let them birth forests and greens together

let it be consumed by the souls so thirsty

let it fill us all with contentment 

let it make us all divine

just like its own self


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The Song of FIRE

The Song of FIRE

must we sing the song of the fire

must we bow to the flames rising high

must we not be scared of their glow

must we inhale their luminance dynamic

must we give in our sins to the inferno

must we envision the passion it hides

must we find pleasure in it’s powerful embrace

must we begin to end the peccable

must we start with ourselves today

must we build a heaven for everyone to stay

each living soul on the earth must sing

sing, the song of the fire in union


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A Mission to help the Bloggers

A Mission to help the Bloggers

I am on a mission to help all my fellow bloggers to grow their blogs and to learn from them to grow mine at the same time.

I truly believe that growing together is very important. Each one of us must feel special because we are.

As a part of this mission of growing together, I have published the following posts recently:-

  1. Grow your blog with mySestina
  2. mySestina’s Blogging Secrets
  3. My Blog is my Baby – Do you feel so?
  4. Take Blogging to the Next Level
  5. Want more followers – Are you treating the existing ones well?

I request you all to share the above posts as much as possible and make them reach maximum number of fellow members of the blogging community.

In today’s world, it is very much required to be kind and compassionate to each other. To stay connected and to help each other without fail. We must do our bit in our area of interest (Blogging) to bring a change for better.

Let’s connect the human way dear friends! Let’s spread love, kindness, compassion and all positive things that we can, to help each other in our own special way.



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Handling Pressure

Handling Pressure

We all have our own capacity to handle pressure in our lives. The pressure could be financial, career related, exams pressure on students, competition of any sort, family, pressure from kids, health related and much more.

The question now is how to handle the pressure. It certainly has both positive and negative effects on our lives. Some people handle it well and some can not. I am not sure if it is in our control unless we experience to handle it for at least a few times.

The pressure could be either –

  1. Temporary
  2. Permanent

The Temporary pressure is where people tend to handle it well. It sometimes could boost our energy and will to complete a task or handle a challenge very well. It is said that it is necessary to handle this kind of pressure to become strong and to face challenges in life. We prepare our children from the early stage of their lives by feeding them this pressure in various forms. We must pay heed to the fact that it should not become burdensome for them. It should be introduced in a manner where the children adapt to handle it the healthy way. This way, they are more likely to use it to their advantage at all stages of their lives.

The Permanent pressure is something which can be really devastating. To a certain extent our brain and body can adapt to it and live with it, but after a limit it can have dangerous effects on our lives. People start to feel depressed and it could become impossible to deal with it. In many cases we may need the help of a psychiatrist and people may need medication as well. In many cases, people tend to loose control on their anger or they become silent and dull or they could even become aggressive as well.

It is hence really important that we must be careful in handling and giving pressure to others. Especially, we need to be very careful about our children. It is of a great matter that the children are brought up in a healthy environment with pressure introduced to them at a gradual pace for them to be prepared to handle it well and to their advantage.

In the end, I wish no one has to have severe pressures in their life. And, we must try to help reduce it for others in case we can.

Let us support each other. Let us fade the pressure!


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Silent.. yet Screaming

Silent.. yet Screaming

teary eyes..

telling stories of the past night

arguments.. accusations…

teary eyes..

struggling to retain the tears

to not allow them to kiss the cheeks

teary eyes..

silent yet screaming the pain


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Love Blogging to Live it

Love Blogging to Live it

Here is a scenario –

I started to blog a month back. I have been putting in a lot of time and effort into my blog. I have had sleepless nights and my mind is completely occupied all the time thinking about what to write and how make people come to my blog and read my posts.

Even after so much of effort, there don’t seem to be enough visitors and views on my posts! I have been trying to read a lot to improve upon the same. I read tips offered by experienced bloggers and I genuinely follow them too. Still, not much happening.

I guess, I am going to give up now. I don’t know if blogging is for me. I am really unsure and upset and don’t know how to carry on any further.

Do you relate to the above situation? Have you been feeling low because of not receiving a response as per your expectations on your blog?

If the answer is yes, then I must suggest – Do NOT Give Up on Your Blog.

It is sometimes difficult to establish yourself in the world of blogging and if you have bigger dreams to take your blogs to a high level, please keep trying. Few tips are here which may be helpful :-

  1. Value reader’s time. Keep your posts not too long for the reader to loose interest.
  2. Use effective and attractive titles for your posts.
  3. Images too have a great impact on readers, so try to do a little research to get the best images for your posts.
  4. Keep reading and following tips from other experienced bloggers.
  5. Make use of Community Pool. Read and leave your comments every Monday on their post to increase viewership on your blog.
  6. Reach out to other’s blogs and leave your comments and links to your blog.
  7. Follow other bloggers and leave your link on their blogs and invite them over.
  8. Never leave hope. Never give up.
  9. Believe that Blogging is for you and you are for Blogging.

Love it to Live it!

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Sam & Samantha

Sam & Samantha

“Sam come here”

“No, I won’t”

“Sam, please come here”

“No, I won’t”

“Sam, I got a surprise for you”

“What is it! What is it”

“Sam, you first come here”

“First you tell me the surprise”

“Sam! it won’t remain a surprise if I tell you now”

“I am not coming, unless you tell me what is it”

“Oh Sam! you are impossible”

“So are you Samantha”


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how I start my day

how I start my day

it is how the sun shines upon me

it is how the birds welcome me

it how I kiss good morning to my love

it is how the flowers fill fragrance in me

it is how the clouds dance for me in the sky

it is how the almighty smiles to me gently

it is how I praise the value of life

it is how I am thankful for all comforts I own

it is how I look at a child with kindness

it is how I feed my soul with contentment

it is how I perceive things to be

it is how my day becomes beautiful

it is all about –

how I start my day with a smile


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that – what Fascinates me

that – what Fascinates me

a mother carrying a new life in her womb

the power of the cells to heal a wound

thousands of stones put together to build a tomb

countless leaves giving life to the tree

cocoon holding caterpillar, setting the butterfly free

peak of the mountain covered with flawless snow

skin of the earth bathing in sun’s glow

aliens sleeping or planning to visit their neighbors

fire in the stars and their gigantic existence

thousands of languages we speak to communicate

expression of the artist in everything they ever create

dreams that we live in the other side of the world

life that we relish when we keep blinking our eyes

this all and much more that makes me wonder

would the list ever be complete or will it ever end

of that – what fascinates me 


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Way Beyond Love

Way Beyond Love

you are the blood that run through my veins

you are the smile that doesn’t leave my face

you are the color that I bathe myself in

you are that tiny beauty spot on my chin

you are the desire that I fill my heart with

you are the mountain that I look up to every day

you are the ocean that I hold in my eyes

you are the dream that I dream for me

you are the world, the whole world to me

what I hold for you is not just love my dear

it’s much more, it’s way beyond love


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Those were the days..

Those were the days..

those were the days

I’m craving for those days

when the list of my treasures was simple yet unique

a peacock feather, dried rose in my book

snacks cooked by my mother every evening

a book gifted by my grandfather

those were the days

I am craving for those days

when we tried to catch the drops of rain

played in mud with a bunch of kids

with no urge for no television

when an iPad would have sounded a miracle

those were the days

still craving for those days

when we relished the fragrance of flowers around

when we welcomed the warmth of the sun

when we didn’t need any gadgets around

when we connected to each other the human way

those were the days

I wish I could just bring them back

I wish I could offer them to the children of today

to make them see, to understand

the real pleasure of life


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the Sun craved to set in My Arms

the Sun craved to set in My Arms

the sun craved to set in my arms

the moon urged me to look at it just once

stars wanted to be lit by my light

flowers asked me for my fragrance

honey bees came to me for sweetness

life ran after me to hold it’s hand

miracles started to happen around 

when I started to believe

in ME


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